Saturday, June 27, 2009


This piece was the very first piece I did. It is about 24" across.
I didn't cut any of the glass. I just picked it out of a huge box of scraps.
One of my bloggy buddies asked my how I got started in my art. I had to stop and think, art, I never saw myself as an artist! But I guess I am. I get the crafty thing from my mom and after spending some time with my daughter this year on our 2nd annual girl trip, I realize she has it too. Her words to me one day on that trip, "I wanna be like you and grandma, ya know, crafty, artsy. I love putting things together." My sister has it too!! Her scrapbooking talents are amazing. My mom's talent is card making right now, but she has been artsy all her life. I remember her always having some kinda project to work on. So maybe it is because we see each other enjoying the outlet "projects" give us.

My stained glass story, I will try and make it brief.
I was reading in the little brochure that the local college puts out, about a class in making stepping stones with stained glass. So I called the college and signed up my girlfriend who is always game for anything, and myself. That Saturday morning, as I was putting together my design, I was just overtaken with such accomplishment and excitement that I could put something together and have it look like nice( in my mind). I WAS HOOKED and I needed an outlet. My kids would both be out of the house, college bound, and I was going to need something to keep my mind busy. The instructor, Ruth Caven, drove an hour to teach the class. Over the next few years, I drove to her place several times to learn more about this fun and crafty medium. I have grown to love working with glass and cement. I am learning all the time, what works, what doesn't. I have found that it is more than just an art. It is actually a way of life. It has consumed my daily schedule. I have met so many people that share my same passion. I now have a GLASS COLLECTION, every piece of glass cutting equipment that I can afford, my own room filled with my obsession, and a happy husband, because when I am happy, he's happy!!!
So what is your craft? What makes you happy? Some of you are closet crafters, I just know it.... Please share......


  1. Yes my dear, it is true, YOU ARE AN ARTIST!! Love your work. I am a mixed media artist and some days I think I should have stayed in the closet when I look around my studio filled to the brim with papers, glues, images, vintage goodies and all the beautiful gifts I have received from all over the world, but it fills my heart with joy to be surrounded by so many beautiful things.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. And if Momma ain't happy...well, you know the rest of the story...

    It's always so much fun brainstorming with you down at the 'SHED'...can't wait to go for the mind is a reelin'...ha!

    Stay cool today...I'll be off soon to broil in Palo, we have no air...YET!!!

  3. You know, for a "first" piece, it's a real, concrete (excuse the pun) sign that this is what you were meant to do. It's beautiful and I can see why you were hooked!

    I am a "craft-of-the-moment kind of girl" - and it has to be fast because I have the attention span of a gnat. But I do so love to create! Every time I see another new craft, I think :HEy, I could do that!" And I probably, eventually, would. But then I think, Nah, it'll just sit there, yet another unfinished craft..

    Gotta find something to be totally, passionately into..until then, I'll "dabble"

  4. How wonderful it is for you to have a passion like that. I use to do projects but nothing like you. I do have a new project which I am passionate about:

  5. I just love all your beautiful work!

  6. fabulous first!! I have many specialized tools for my gourds that when I got into glass I just wanted to keep it simple. I use a simple cutter and do a combination of cutting and breaking. I so enjoy the primitive and permanence nature of mosaics. Great story!

  7. As the friend who joined you for the first class, I should post a pic of my first (and only) stone... it was/is pretty ugly, and would make yours look even better than it already does! I'm a kindred spirit to Utah Grammie... a dabbler. But I have started another tote bag - this one for Amy.