Monday, June 22, 2009


We have had soooooo much rain in May and June. Everything is growing like nothing I have ever seen, but we need some sun, people! This week the news is reporting 90's and steaminess. This is SUMMER IN THE MIDWEST. I just want some sun and I want the grass to take a break from growing.
This is a sun stepping stone that I did for a friend. Here's a few pics to show you my process in making it.

My pattern, color coded and numbered

Pieces ready to be cut
Everything put together, in the form, ready for cement


  1. How cool is that...could you send a little this way...Boy we sure lucked out on the storms last night didn't we! Still haven't heard back from Barb or Cathie C.(Lone Tree)about the tornado that touched down up there...hope all is OK...

    Have a great day my silly friend...have fun playin in the mud!!!

  2. Interesting. Midwest summers are so humid!
    Everytime I see the Altered Glass in my dashboard I am always waiting to see a window of stained glass in your header. For some reason the flowers ALWAYS surprise me!!!!!

  3. Beautiful! You have much more patience than I!
    {lips are on the mend, Iced sweet tea all the way!
    'til next time,
    Barb C.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, love this one. Fingers crossed you get your perfect weather.

  5. So THAT'S how you do that!

    I must take a class, and I know just the place. I made a window there once.
    It was mediocre. Maybe I'm the stepping stone type of person.
    Thank you for you sweet words on my blog.
    BTW-- I just learned that the son got a speeding ticket today. On the ground.

  6. cool stepping stone. lucky friend!!i've tried making one once. it did'nt come out so good. Do you make your own designs? Do you average about one a week?

  7. Thank you for posting about the process you go through to make a stepping stone! That glass is so beautiful...did you ever sit looking at a sheet, thinking you just couldn't cut into it?

    Your sun design is delightful. That's just the sort of sunny face I like! For some reason, we have ended up with a lot of sun motif around here, and I'm always sort of looking for another garden sun. I like their faces.

    How did you get into making stained glass stepping stones? They seem a lot less fussy than the stained glass windows or suncatchers.

    We've had gentle sunshine here this week, intersperced with little showers. The countryside is lush, and the cows are glossy black. Life is good.

  8. Farmer's Wife, I do have glass that I can't stand the thought of cutting. Hence, I have quite a glass collection (I need to use it up!) Then sometimes, I am glad I saved a piece just for a certain project. I take great time in picking out colors for projects so I get the look that I want. I am kinda picky because I want the customer to be as thrilled with something as I am. Maybe I will blog about how I got into doing stained glass stepping stones. Thanks for the idea!!!