Thursday, June 25, 2009


I just was cruising the blogs I follow, trying to get an idea for in the morning and lo and behold Lynn at Its a July Thing has done a blog called Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs. (GO TO THIS BLOG, LYNN HAS A WONDERFUL SENSE OF HUMOR IN HER WRITING AND SHE HAS KEPT ME IN STITCHES MANY TIMES.) This is a post I have wanted to do for a while. I was just waiting for the right time and thought I would find a few more signs, for instance deer crossing (I know where one of those are! I just haven't driven that way for a long time.)
Here are the few I took in Florida this winter and one from Galveston, TX.

The Keys, Florida
Leaving the Keys, Florida

Galveston, TX
I made my sister stop in front of a house in Galveston so that I could jump out and walk into someone's yard in order to get a GOOD picture of this cute little sign. Thanks sis!
If you have any other signs, please share..........


  1. I liked Lynn's idea too, and I love the ones you've added.

    Deer x-ing signs are quite common in Wisconsin, so are they unusual in Illinois?

    I hope more people show us more unusual signs!

  2. Deer crossing are very common here! We live by a state park, tons of deer. I did see a cow crossing one also, but can't remember where I saw it.

  3. Oh, I should have taken a photo of one I saw in had the deer crossing (deer kinda jumping) and someone painted a red nose on it! Great idea and I'll keep looking...

  4. I'll never forget the street sign up by Anamosa...'Dingleberry Road'...slammed on the ol' brakes for that one.

    Then there was the 'Fresh Meats' sign in a mall in Colorado, right next door was a taxidermy shop...ewwwwwwwww...

    Fun post!


  5. Oh, how fun! My sister and I did that a couple of years ago. We drove all over taking pics of signs...we were going to work them into a scrapbook layout. I need to get mine done.

  6. Excellent addition to the previous signs.

  7. I think the funniest sign I saw was a pedestrian xing sign with a whole family of racoons crossing the the way NOT on the xwalk! Grin.

  8. The funniest one that I saw was in front of a little country grocery store years ago. It said "Our own buns - 2/$1.00. I didn't get a pic of it back then but it still makes me giggle.

  9. Great signs. Having owned a weiner dog. I loved that one the best. Where are you from in Illinois? I am in Lake Forest.

  10. Great idea, this is a fab post, will have to be on the lookout for signs. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Great signs! You know, I have more, but I'll have to go into my old hard copy photos in bulky scrap books. BC Before computers!