Friday, June 19, 2009


So after all the rain we have had, I went to check to see what was floating in the garden. A while back my bestest friend from Florida, she goes by many names, but I call her mom, said , "show us some pics of your garden". Well, this garden has been quite the project from day 1! We have never been big gardening people (I know we live on a farm, but it was a time issue). A few tomatoes, a few pepper plants, done. Well, this year we decided to try it on a bigger scale (not knowing when we put seed in the ground that it would rain like 40 days and 40 nights, (Hey, where's the ark?) We have barely been able to keep the weeds under control, but we are trying between the rains and wading in the mud. So here are some pics of what we have. I couldn't even get to part of the garden where the tomatoes, brussel sprouts and watermelon are because of the mud.....

gourds 4 different kinds

zucchini, green and yellow

Bush Lake pole beans

loose leaf lettuce

3 different kinds of peppers

sugar snap peas AND WEEDS

more green beans

a few different kinds of sunflowers

and 4 varieties of pumpkins


My husband said oh it is only a garter snake. This is a good kinda snake.
(is there such a thing? ) I have accepted the snake and just keep my distance. Not a big fan!!!
So at the rate we are going with it only being June, I figure by September, the pumpkins will have over taken the garden completely.


  1. It looks wonderful and so lush. I could do without the snake. We can have rattle snakes here but there is also a gopher snake that looks just like the rattle. It's a good snake! I dislike them all. You should have some wonderful veggies this summer. Yum!

  2. You gardening chicks have my admiration, but I don't "do gardens"

    Your "stuff" looks so lush and wonderful!!

  3. WOW!!! It looks great. I am not a gardener, so time consuming. Can hardly wait to see all the yummies your garden will produce.

  4. Yum, hey– can i come over for dinner? ;)

    (i'll wash dishes, i promise!)

  5. All I can think is, "That's a LOT of zucchini!"
    Your garden looks gorgeous....thanks for posting the pictures! I love looking at all horticultural endeavors that I don't have to weed. Doesn't look like the storm did a lot of damage; what a relief.