Sunday, October 24, 2010


I don't know why it gets to Sunday night and I realize I haven't posted something new for a week. So here are some pics from a few projects.
DH (dear hubby) and son pulled out bushes before the ground freezes. This big window is where they are putting in french doors. The other door will disappear.


The boys are also fixing up a machine shed by the house, having new doors put on.


It sure is nice to have a tractor to do the heavy work.

On this day, Ami (d-i-l) and I sorted the last of the furniture. We will be having a consignment sale in November sometime. The house is getting emptied, slowly but surely.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

MY NEW TREADMILL,,, for a few weeks

I decided to consider walking in this field as MY NEW TREADMILL.... until my DH(dear hubby) plows the ground. The weather has been just that gorgeous fall weather us Midwesterners wait all year to enjoy. Ya know, cool in the 60-70's, sunny, dry, breezy.... yeah, just how we like it!

The soybean stubble is real easy to walk on and the ground is quite level (not like a picked corn field).

I have inclines....

and I have wind resistance..... see my hair blowing in the wind..

All the way to the tree line,,, no cheating. It takes me an hour to and from my back door, perfect!!! If you click on this picture and look on the right hand side, in the tree line, you can see a spot of blue, that's the Mississippi River!

I can sing at the top of my lungs.... and nobody has to listen to me....
(on pitch is not an option)....

I even can do my arm exercises while I am walking and no one thinks I am doing monkey impressions.

Casting Crowns is my choice of music. It is a perfect pace for me. I am trying to walk for 3 minutes, jog for 1 minute. I will increase my jog time, in time....
Everything in moderation I am told.
Anyone want to join me!!!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


There always seems like an abundance of projects to do in the fall. Everyday starts with exercising because I have turned over a new leaf (fall,,,,, leaf,,,,, never mind....).
Here's a few things I have been doing.

Visited Elvis, he is really growing tall, well, tall for a miniature horse.

Made homemade noodles with Pam and Jake.

Took pictures of a barn on our property. Every fall, I love to walk back to the field this barn sits in and look at all the trees turning down the river (pictures in another post). You have to go between crops being picked out and ground being tilled under.

It has been a long couple months for this guy, but the weather has been good and the crops abundant. That makes for a happy man!

I made some jar jewelry for Candle Shed. Working on a few glass projects too.

Cleaned out this old refrigerator. It will be good for the basement!

The rest of the week will be filled with making 8 pies and 6 salads for the Harvest Baazar on Wednesday. Cooking noodles with chicken for 300-400 tomorrow. It is an all day cooking deal! Remember,,,, I am the Noodle Lady...

Then the next project is to can all those pears I picked yesterday. The mums got planted already.

Hope you are having a most beautiful fall. ♥

Monday, October 4, 2010


This past week was filled with a somber overtone for many many miles around here. When this story broke on national news, I had no idea how close to home it would hit! On September 21st, a helicopter crash in Afghanistan claimed the life of a local hero along with 8 others.

39 year old Lt. Col. Robert F. Baldwin had just left for his 4th tour a week prior. He leaves behind a wife and 4 children ages 8 - 7 months old. His parents live in a small community, Eliza, IL, 10 miles from me. A very close friend of the family is a very close friend of mine.

I did not know the family personally, but alot of folks here did and it hit hard. Devastated many!
In honor of his service and ultimately giving his life for our country, Lt. Col. Baldwin will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia.
One man, from the area, Larry Eckhart from Little York, IL (actually 30 miles away) came to honor Rob by bringing these flags. They were 4 ft. flags that were placed every 20 feet for 1 1/2 miles lining both sides of the road going to the community center where they had a memorial service and time of fellowship and food with Rob's parents, Gary and Cherie Baldwin.
I can not stress enough how awesome this sight was. Flags waving in the wind for 3 days. Just enough wind to keep them waving and beautiful autumn sunshine . I drove up this road when I first heard about the display and sat in my car and cried. This was the closest I have ever been to something so moving and heart wrenching.
My neighbor called and asked if I would be able to help take down the flags the day after the memorial and I could not pass up the opportunity to do something. So last Friday, I went and walked the 1 1/2 miles pulling up the flags and rolling them up. It seemed to be the best hour I had spent in a long time, just thinking of the experience and praying for the family and other families who have lost loved ones.
This is something I will never forget!
Some how a "thank you" just doesn't seem like enough.
So support our armed forces any way that you can.