Monday, August 31, 2009


Piper, Friends Candle Shed, Muscatine, IA, has been working on birdhouses for maybe a month and everytime I go in there, she has a few more done. She just keeps getting craftier, more artistic each time. These were just too cute. I had to share!!

Hand painted, that's the cute part about them! Her GH (guy honey) builds them and then she puts her magic paints to work!
Ya know, pictures never do an item justice. You should just go to the Shed and see for yourself!!! While there, you can scope all the other things she has created!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


The neighbors drove in the drive yesterday and as neighbor hubby opened the trunk, neighbor wife said, "We have a present for you. Not sure you will want it, but maybe you will!" With smiles on their faces and the closer I got to the trunk, I was so excited to see this monstrous pumpkin just smiling back at me. Folks, this thing is huge! The pic does not do it's great stature justice! No, I'm not getting in the pic to show you size. Just use your imagination..... Not only did he carve our last name in it, he cleaned it all out and put a little entrance door on it so it can be lit!!!

So I found a jar candle, stuck it in last night and illuminated that big boy!!!

Again, pics do not do this justice! That puppy shined bright and proud!
THANKS, neighbors, you are the best!!!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


TODAY, I am creating a new party!!! SHOUT OUT SATURDAY.....

I am getting in touch with my artsy inner-self more and more. Not just art, like art, but kitchen art, clean up art, organize art, collection art, you get the picture....

I decided this when yesterday I was admiring Silva's recent work at Mosaic Road. She has done some incredible mosaic work on her staircase..... Please go to her blog and look at her pics. You won't be disappointed that you took 2 minutes to look. This was a huge long process and she just finished it!
Silva, your work is amazing and I enlarged each picture and stared at it for quite a while. Thanks for sharing your passion for mosaic!

Please join me and have your own SHOUT OUT SATURDAY.....

Rules I will be following....
1. Feature a blog or post that I have been following that has something of interest to share with others.... Maybe not many people have seen....
2. spread the love of a blog..... that's all, nothing else...
3. do not steal pics without permission
4. be nice
So have fun with this challenge and maybe we can share with each other and encourage more followers to our blogs.....

Friday, August 28, 2009


Since it was raining like The Great Flood yesterday. I got busy and canned tomatoes. This is one of those jobs I dread, but once I get going, don't mind it at all.... My counter was covered with tomatoes..... This pic are the remaining ones.

Check out this one. Usually when they are big like this, no flavor... But this puppy was delicious....We had this one for dinner.....
Now where is that marker that says what kind this is?.....hmmmm..... yea.... I never save the important things!

finished product....
Hey, thanks Lynn at It's a July Thing for the info on freezing, but I just couldn't bring myself to do something different. See, I have been canning for 32 years and old habits are hard to break! But thanks again for trying to help me out!!!

So, when I saw this tomato on the counter, I just couldn't help myself..... Okay, the kid in me couldn't help myself.... an opportunity for a little art! Vege Man!!!

OKAY, OKAY.... I was bored, what can I say..............

The rain has stopped now. 4 INCHES!!! OH MY.... sumps still running... thank goodness (because if the power had gone out, I would have my own indoor swimming pool!)
Cedar Rapids, IA had 7.8 inches as of last night.
Marion, IA. 9.9 inches as of last night.
This is where daughter and fiance's home is....
June 2008 Cedar Rapids made National news with flooding.... CR is still showing signs of the flooding in their downtown area...
And Sharon at White in Palo, IA. Another huge flooding area... Her shop is there! and
Cathie at This Girls Art, she lives in that same area....

Just thinking of all my bloggy friends who could be affected by this massive amount of water....
Prayers for all of you....

Thursday, August 27, 2009


It just keeps pouring.... 3 1/2 inches so far with more on the way..... rain possible all day today....
puddles everywhere.....
ditches are filled and the sump pumps are running.....
We are not in a shortage this year...... Happy soggy Thursday!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


On August 11, 2009 I posted a Happy Birthday post for my mom. She called, thanked me and asked how she could preserve it? Well, that got my wheels a going... because that's how I roll...
My mission was to figure out how to put that post in a little book for her.

I am all about finding an alternative for a need when I don't have all the parts for a project. This was my solution for making a book out of things I have.

I took a children's cardboard book. I got this one at Goodwill for 25 cents and roughed it up a little.... with sandpaper, 150 grit.

Then I glued cardstock to each page and the front and back of the book with Weldbond and a little water mixed. Keep in mind to not cover the creases of the pages, the book won't close properly. I then pressed the book with lots of weight and let the pages dry completely. It took about 5 hours.

Next, I cut off the excess of the pages.

I took a file to the edges, just to smooth them out a little. The pages have to be completely dry or the paper will rip.

Then, I arranged all my pics and captions and used scrapbooking glue to adhere to pages.

and added sticker letters to the front

Here are the completed pages...

I got the pics printed at my local WallyWorld. You can get 2 different pics on a 4x6. I found the option on one of those do-it-yourself picture printer machines. That was the perfect size of picture for these small books.
So you don't really have to buy those blank cardboard books. Just dig out the old kids books and have fun!!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Remember this: the 100th Post Giveaway! Well this was the prize. You can see the rules on the post August 12th.

I printed off pages of my followers (The people that posted comments, but ARE NOT in my follower list, shame on you, get on over to the followers list on the right hand side of my blog page and join my list, already!!!!) and for each time you posted a comment or if you joined my follower list I put your name in the mix. If you already were a follower, your name went in the mix.
I had to write some names out because they commented but are not on my follower list. There were only a few people that I had to write. I wanted to make this as fair as possible.
I enlisted DH (dear hubby) to pick a name. So he stirred them up and this is the one he picked. Yes he had his eyes closed.

Soooo UTAH GRAMMIE you are the winner!!!! I will need your address (my email address is in order to send you this gift and for everyone out there, please go to her blog, Main Street Memories . She will keep you in stitches. She is quite the comedian with a very compassionate heart. I am sure you can spot her close friends, they are the ones with the split guts and wet pants.
Thanks to everyone who participated and to all who read my blog, thanks for the support and encouragement. I love all the comments and look forward to more... I have made some of my closest friends through this blog.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


As I was snapping pics the other day of Birds Gone Wild, bird houses, I hadn't taken pics of my stepping stones in a long time. So this is a pic of stones at Friends Candle Shed, Muscatine, IA.
After all, my blog is named Altered Glass because, well,,,,, I use glass in an untraditional way? I guess that's why (and because I couldn't think of anything else at the time).


I decided because this is the 99th post of my blog,

Yes, the next post is 100!!!!! and we will have a winner for my giveaway... hang on to your seat.... it may be you!!!!! Anyone who has left a comment or become a follower since I posted the giveaway has a chance.... My DH (dear hubby) will be pulling a name out of the hat!!! There's still time.....

I thought I would put some pics on this post of some of the stones I have done..Some are commission, some gifts, some for the Shed.... My work is very affordable for gifts or for yourself. Stepping stones aren't just for outside. They can be displayed inside too. I have several shapes and sizes. If anyone is interested in a design, I am easy to get ahold of and I just found out yesterday after mailing this sun 1300 miles away, shipping was only $14.00. That's not bad at all. Do keep in mind the time element of working with cement. There is a 3-4 week turn over.. For any info on these stones, please leave a message on my email:
I am always up for a challenge!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009


What is it about clouds that attracts me so? Don't know... maybe it is how the blue sky peeks through them, the contrast in colors. Maybe it is because I am a day dreamer or for that split moment of looking up I think of nothing but how beautiful the sky is. Maybe it is the whole spiritual thing. Whatever it is, when I see clouds, like these... I smile...
I took these pics yesterday, the first day of feeling the fall air. It was a beautiful day!


Thursday, August 20, 2009


OKAY, after Sharon from Sweet Repose (check out the pics on Sharon's blog for more styles of houses)said Piper at Friends Candle Shed had some new ideas with birdhouses, well, I just had to see for myself. So yesterday afternoon, I went to investigate!
Piper calls them, BIRDS GONE WILD!!!
I have always loved birdhouses and have a few in my yard. But these are works of art! Way to go Rick and Piper!!! They are just adorable. I took photos of the ones I liked, but there are sooo many more at the Shed.... All different, no two alike! And if you really do like them, I bet Piper could accommodate you!!!