Tuesday, August 25, 2009


On August 11, 2009 I posted a Happy Birthday post for my mom. She called, thanked me and asked how she could preserve it? Well, that got my wheels a going... because that's how I roll...
My mission was to figure out how to put that post in a little book for her.

I am all about finding an alternative for a need when I don't have all the parts for a project. This was my solution for making a book out of things I have.

I took a children's cardboard book. I got this one at Goodwill for 25 cents and roughed it up a little.... with sandpaper, 150 grit.

Then I glued cardstock to each page and the front and back of the book with Weldbond and a little water mixed. Keep in mind to not cover the creases of the pages, the book won't close properly. I then pressed the book with lots of weight and let the pages dry completely. It took about 5 hours.

Next, I cut off the excess of the pages.

I took a file to the edges, just to smooth them out a little. The pages have to be completely dry or the paper will rip.

Then, I arranged all my pics and captions and used scrapbooking glue to adhere to pages.

and added sticker letters to the front

Here are the completed pages...

I got the pics printed at my local WallyWorld. You can get 2 different pics on a 4x6. I found the option on one of those do-it-yourself picture printer machines. That was the perfect size of picture for these small books.
So you don't really have to buy those blank cardboard books. Just dig out the old kids books and have fun!!!!!


  1. Awesome! What a great idea. Now, I'll be looking for cardboard books when I go to the thrift store!!! What a sweet idea.

  2. You are super talented. That is such a cleaver idea. Way to go! It turned out perfect.

  3. What a wonderful reuse project and what a wonderful gift for your mom! Where did you go in Michigan when you visited your grandparents? Thanks for coming by to visit and for your sweet and kind comment.

  4. How creative! The book is fabulous, she will love it. Happy to see you entering the mixed media field..

  5. You never cease to amaze...cause that's how you roll...you crack me up girl and I would say you are a chip off the block!!!

    What a wonderful, clever gift for a wonderful Mom...Betty Andretti...what a hoot!