Thursday, August 27, 2009


It just keeps pouring.... 3 1/2 inches so far with more on the way..... rain possible all day today....
puddles everywhere.....
ditches are filled and the sump pumps are running.....
We are not in a shortage this year...... Happy soggy Thursday!


  1. Argh....will it ever stop...I NEED TO HAUL anybody listening up there???

    Talking to Piper about fun...they got a regular assembly line going on!

    Have a great un-sunny day...s

  2. But think how happy it makes the mosquitos. Hopefully, we'll all have a beautiful fall. We've had a few sunny days in a row in southern Mo. -- I actually had to water. Jan

  3. We don't summer rain in California. It looks so peaceful to me. Reminds me of my dads cottage in Illinois, I just love a rain storm.

  4. Oh my gosh, lots of rain..We had such a bad rain storm on Sunday that our ditches were over-flowing and they are huge. Still pretty wet out there but no rain today. Sure has been a wet summer. Hope the sun shines soon..

  5. Mercy! Are you having a problem with fungus everywhere? What a tropical year, for you!

  6. I love the rain. We've had the weirdest year by Omaha. Rain here and there...but enough. Haven't had to water the lawn and or garden but twice! Unreal. But yesterday, it RAINED! Happy to see the sun today!

  7. The rain was nice... for a day---- but seriously, enough!!!! I'm worried about the basement, not sure how much more we can take!!!
    But- on a positive note, I spent some quality time at Goodwill and a few garage sales!!!

  8. Oh, we'd like a little of that -sorry you're getting so much - it can be a real drag after a while. Hopefully, no chance of flooding? Take care and if you nee help with the ARK just let me know - I'll start gathring the animals.. :-)

  9. Turn your fans on and blow the rain down here to Texas. I am in the middle of a drought.