Monday, August 31, 2009


Piper, Friends Candle Shed, Muscatine, IA, has been working on birdhouses for maybe a month and everytime I go in there, she has a few more done. She just keeps getting craftier, more artistic each time. These were just too cute. I had to share!!

Hand painted, that's the cute part about them! Her GH (guy honey) builds them and then she puts her magic paints to work!
Ya know, pictures never do an item justice. You should just go to the Shed and see for yourself!!! While there, you can scope all the other things she has created!!!


  1. Just stopped by to visit! I adore these bird houses - I love your posts on garden art - I love all art so this was very fun and inspiring! Kartika

  2. love the stepping stones! Kartika

  3. My lil' apple...didn't fall(too)far from the tree huh...she just creates the funkiest stuff, I love her style and the fact that we are soooo totally different in the way we see art...gotta love 'er...I stepped in this afternoon to grab some stuff and saw them on the counter, how 'bout them punkin jars...too die for!!!

    later gater...s

  4. Oh I love birdhouses! And you know what else?????

    Coming home from a MonDAy at work to find a package..for me! Yep, my BeaUtIful wind chime arrived, lovingly packed (and no breakage!) and is even more beautiful that I could have imagined :-) I will have photos up soon so everyone can be they can see how lucky I am! Yeah YOU! thank you thank you thank you!