Monday, August 10, 2009


Little did I know......

This number was going to be etched in my brain for 10 hours last Friday, due to mechanical trouble.....

This was my home away from home for a 10 hour sit-down. "Don't go anywhere passengers. We could be fixed here at any time." 10:00am........tick, tick, tick, tick.... More magazines...... fast food, real fast! Don't want to miss any announcement..... restroom, quickly........tick, tick, tick.......

5:00pm...."Well, we are going to have to call off the flight. We're sorry folks.... We will be offering each of you a free round trip ticket, hotel room if needed, and food voucher. Just give us time to process each of you with these things." tick, tick, tick, tick.........

8:00pm..... Walking to the airport exit, catching a shuttle to a hotel. Wonderful hotel, beautiful room, vending machine supper (I'm too chicken to head out in the dark on foot to find something to eat!) Wake up call at 5:30am.... free hot breakfast at the hotel that was great..... 7:00am shuttle back to the airport, in the air by 9:00am -Atlanta 10:00am.... tick, tick, tick........THEN I DISCOVERED THE BEST SUBS... Charley's Grilled Subs... Atlanta Airport.. by Gate C13....

They have the best Philly Chicken grilled sub with everything, of course, green peppers, onions. It was delicious!!! Okay, back to my gate..... tick, tick, tick...... more magazines.....
3:30pm loading on the plane..... 4:00pm takeoff... on time and in the air..... 5:00pm on the ground!!!! Ohhhhh so happy!!!!
All in all, I am thankful I was just traveling alone and didn't have a schedule or commitment like so many of the passengers. Two people were missing weddings. A few families were going through this with small children.
Lots of freebies...... I got to experience 1st class for the 1st time, round trip ticket, $50 voucher for another ticket, food voucher, hotel room....
And I met some of the nicest people, all in the same boat as I....


  1. Oh my goodness! What an adventure! Glad you made it home!!!
    Welcome back!

  2. Oh, I hate those kinds of delays! I was thinking it was gate B$ - like before you know it, we'll be boarding ! LOL! Glad you found something fun - always so great to find the good in an icky situation :-)

  3. I hate being delayed at the airport. Its so least you had your camera and you knew it would be a good post! lol
    Glad you finally made it. My husband and I got stuck in Dallas once, he was suppose to talk at a seminar in Florida. We finally made it but our luggage didn't...which had his suit in it. It was the airplane trip from hell!

  4. We had a delay in Atlanta a few weeks I recognized those chairs! At least you got some youhave to start thinking where you want to go with that ticket....Good luck!

  5. Hi Lori, this is my first time here! You're stepping stones are BEAUTIFUL!!! You are so creative!

  6. And I thought a 3 hour layover was time, I'll drive ya there...ha!

    Glad yer home girl!

  7. Bless your heart. I've had a COUPLE of similar experiences when flying - - - but thank goodness they aren't the NORM.

  8. 1st Class. Sorry about the problems.
    Freebies are always nice.