Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This is one of the first stones I ever did. When I was in FLA I took this picture. My mom has had this sitting on a step under her carport for ohhh, maybe 5 years. It has weathered well. I know she hasn't really moved it from that spot at all and had I cleaned it first, it would have looked fairly new.
P.S. If this stone was out in the elements, it should have been sealed every couple of years. I put a sealant on my stones so that the weather doesn't eat at the cement and stones should go inside if your weather is extreme. Also don't let sealant sit on the glass, it will etch or cloud it.


  1. I love my lil' step stones too, especially Scratchy's, it sits by her water bowl on the front porch warning trespassers to whose water this is...and house for that matter...

    Have a sunny day sister...

  2. This is lovely. The colors are great!

  3. The only step stones I made I left behind when we moved - I wonder if the new owners of our house kept them...I used tile, but the glass is soo pretty!