Thursday, August 13, 2009


So when I was visiting in FLA, I followed my mom around to all her activities that she does. She is a go-er and keeps quite busy pretty much everyday. These are the women she gets together with every other Tuesday morning for card making. They gather at Sharon's house, who is a Stampin' Up Consultant (right hand side orange shirt) to make cards. First of all, I had no idea about Stampin' Up. I guess I have been living in the back woods too long. I learned about coloring and painting and stamping and cutting and a few good jokes (which I can't ever remember a joke). Then we ate lunch. They usually go out for lunch but this day they were celebrating my mom's birthday so Sharon's husband cooked hamburgers on the grill and we had quite a huge spread of food, buffet style... Thanks Sharon and all the girls, for including me in the activities and your personal hand holding for one who just had no clue about card making.
Here are the cards we made.... We stamped images on the cards with black ink. Then, all the painting was done with ink and a special kind of watercolor brush with water in the handle of the brush. We also used bleach and a particular brush to go around the edges and any of the white showing on the tan page.

I found out you can mail these cards in this clear 6 X 4 1/2 inch envelope. Just put a label on it, your return address label and a postage stamp. The P.O. will accept it for mail... COOL....

Honestly, card making was fun. Not something I would dive into, but it is always good to keep open to new ideas, new mediums. Ya never know when you might use them!!!



  1. Great cards! I've ordered a few stamps from STampin Up years ago... but then got away from the stamping bug. Looks like you had fun with your mom!

  2. What a beautiful job on those cards. Love the clear envelopes, I haven't seen those.
    I use to make cards and did stamping. Then I started working part time at a Hallmark and
    the rest is history.

  3. What a hoot today was...can't call ya the zucchini queeni anymore...not with tomatoes like that one...nuff said...LOL...

  4. I used to work for Stampin' Up! (in product development) and I loved it! I have too too many stamps and not enough time, but it's a great company. Glad you had fund and your cards are wonderful!

  5. Lovely cards. Every year my next door neighbor sends out the most beautiful hand made Christmas cards. I look so forward to getting them!