Saturday, April 16, 2011


So I don't understand why when I love my job so much, I have to deal with my age. Ya know, when you are in your 40's you just can do things with ease and then you try to mimic that same activity when you are mid 50's and it just doesn't work so well.

This past week kicked my every-loving gardening rear. I have been working up at the greenhouse now for a full week and "weenie girl" here, is trying to do it like a rock star. I did all this work last year and got by, but this year it feels like I have aged big time. I even worked hard at the gym hoping to combat this very feeling. I'm trying not to complain because this is a chosen job as opposed to a necessary job. In that respect, I am very blessed.

So here are some pics from this year at the greenhouse. I am still one of the geranium people. We take care of 14,000 geraniums. Water, clean and nurture them before heading to the stores.

This is opening weekend and it is rainy, windy and in the 40's, YUCK! But we are toasty in the greenhouse.....COME ON SUNSHINE, WON'T YOU COME OUT TODAY.