Sunday, May 31, 2009


"My passion, Best Friend" and I decided to get going and get something made. I haven't done anything glass for a week and needed to start a project. As you may discover, I don't do well just sitting around. I like to keep my hands busy. So I decided to "dream" up a pattern.
I worked on an few different ideas, but it just wasn't looking the way I wanted it to look, ya know how that is!
Finally, happy with design and into the mold, upside down.

Cement poured over me! Dream is the little one.
Done, unmolded, ready to dry!
I used black iridized glass so it has a rainbow effect.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


I walked around the house this morning in order to photograph what has bloomed out in the last day or so... I have a great idea for a gift of sorts. What I do is take pics of my perennials in bloom so that when I separate them and pass them on to friends I can print out a picture of what they look like. This also helps me when I am digging and separating. I keep a list of who wanted what and then I don't pass on two of the same color or flower. So this week seems to be IRIS WEEK.
I had a peach color, but I think it changed to purple or didn't come up. Can Iris do that, their color will change if they are planted by a more dominating color? Any ideas, please comment.


(this morning I wasn't able to insert pics at all on this site. Did anyone else have this problem?)

Yesterday, Not only did I get potato salad made, but I made chicken salad too! Actually too much mayonnaise for the day, but here is the recipe for potato salad. I will post chicken salad at another time. (I'm not a real chef but I play one in blogland.)

It took me 5 years (my last one has been out of the house for 5 years now, wow!!) to get this cut down from 4 people to 2.
6 potatoes
6 eggs
onions (opt.)
1 1/2 c. mayonnaise
some salt, pepper, dry mustard, regular mustard, sweet relish, anything else? don't think so......

I usually don't measure, ahhh, maybe that's my problem...
cook potatoes 30 min. cool, peel
boil eggs 15 min. cool, peel
cut up in tiny pieces celery, radishes, onions (I don't put any in). I don't make so tiny pieces on potatoes. When I cut up the eggs, I put the yolk in a separate bowl and cut up the whites.

I mix together the celery, radishes, potatoes, and egg whites. Salt and pepper the mixture, taste. It should taste seasoned because when you add your mayonnaise, it will saturate the flavor.
Using a fork, smush the egg yolks until crumbly looking. Then add: salt, pepper, dry mustard (I did measure this, about an 1/8 teas. ), regular mustard (1 teas.), 2 teas. sweet relish. Mix all together. Add mayonnaise to this and mix together well.
Add to potato mix and just blend until everything is covered. chill.
It does taste better if made ahead and the flavors have had time to mix.
Everyone makes their favorite potato salad with their own little secrets. If you make a different kind and would like to share it, please do and then I will invite people to your blog through mine. Thanks (taking a bow)
P.S. again this serves two purposes, 1. something to blog 2. recipes for my two girls just incase they want it.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Ya know "It's Friday", just doesn't mean the same thing or have the same umph after you retire. Now to Sharon at Sweet Repose, this Friday means the opening of her new store in Palo, Iowa..White.. a cute and shabby little storefront where you can stroll and meander, looking at all the whatknot and stuff. Primitive and shabby chic... open on the weekends only for right now. Go to her blog, you will love it.

Then there's Keetha, a new and fun blogger friend. This Friday is the first day off of school letting out. Maybe she is sleeping in this morning, but by the sound of her days, probably not. This woman will amaze you. She probably does more in a day than I do in a week and I love reading her blog. Check it out.

Now that I have retired from the law office, what used to be: finish any work that is still sitting on my desk and pray there are no emergencies.... has turned into: hmmmm what shall I fix for lunch and what project am I going to work on today...
I am very blessed to be able to enjoy the day whichever way I want, for the most part. It has been so good, my doctor took me off of blood pressure meds.
Thank you God for this beautiful day, now everyday is Saturday!!!

Please share your "It's Friday!!" story in comments or email:

Working in the garden and flower beds today. Pics to follow...................

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Interesting, 1. how this was put together 2. content
Probably a message we all need to think about!


Today is cement pouring, go to town, take some pics, plant some flowers, take out chicken for lunch, check the mole deterrent situation, fill the hummingbird feeders, check on the mom-in-law, weeding in the garden, check the blog, read and comment on blogs (I'm addicted), laundry, vacuum, cut some more glass, drill holes in glass pieces for wind chimes, yadda, yadda, yadda. So I will be back with some pics later!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


"Running around with" Best Friend

"The one who knows me best" Best Friend

"Girls I love to travel with, you all are the most special to me" Best Friends

"New get-together" Best Friends

"my kids, also most special" Best Friends

"my passion" Best Friend

My Best Friend in the whole wide world, the one on the right side.

I have been blessed with so many wonderful, beautiful people in my life. I have several other "Best Friends", I just don't have a pic of them. So you know who you are, my camera may be pointing at you soon! Thanks for understanding.... love ya all :)

Monday, May 25, 2009


Rhubarb Cream Pie is a family favorite. This is a recipe passed down several generations, which will probably end with me because neither my daughter or daughter-in-law like it. I decided I would do this step by step in case either girl by some miracle wants the recipe.
Preheat oven at 400. I use a glass 9.5" pie dish. I gather all ingredients before I start mixing because when you beat the eggs and sugar together, you want that to stay fluffy (not seperate). Have your rhubarb already chopped.

1 1/2 C. white sugar
3 eggs
1/2 C. flour
3/4 ts. nutmeg (I only use Watkins because it seems stronger, you may need more)
4+ C. fresh rhubarb (if using frozen, you might want to add more flour so your pie isn't soupy)

Cream together sugar and eggs until fluffy. Mix nutmeg into flour and add to egg mix. Whip this all together for a bit. Then add rhubarb, folding just until all is coated. Immediately pour into an unbaked pie shell and bake until center is done and it looks slightly browned on top. This pie doesn't need a top crust because it should get just slightly crispy on top.

I do cover my pie edge with foil for the first 20-30 minutes. I basically have to watch my pies. My oven is older and it varies. But 50-60 min. total baking time. (mine was 48 min. today).

All done! Yeah, this will get me some brownie...errr pie points. Whipped Cream? YES, PLEASE!!


Please visit Annie Fannie's Green Acres for a wonderful Memorial Day Tribute. Thanks Annie Fannie.

Yesterday after church, we (actually my husband and his mom, I have horrid allergies right now. Curse those Honey Locust trees.) went to the cemetary for the Memorial Day Service. We went earlier this week and decorated family members stones with flowers. (That's the tradition here. We do it every year). My husband's family have lived in this little spot forever. The info I know off the top of my head is grandfather-in-law was born here in 1882. That's the oldest one I could find, family wise. My father-in-law was born (literally) in the house that he lived in for 86 years and the house we are in now (shown above) was the home my husbands' grandparents purchased and lived in for many years. ANYWAY, my father-in-law was in the military and was shot when he was in Germany(?) and was honorably discharged and received a purple heart for his service. Pretty amazing when you think about it all and how we walk around doing our everyday things like we are so untouchable. Memorial Day, just take a few moments to pray and thank all those that made the difference, all those who gave their lives, and say a prayer for all those families that lost loved ones for the cause of our freedom.
Harlo Ricketts 11/14/1918 - 2/01/2005

I really don't want to leave my own father out of this tribute. He also served his country by being in the Marines or the Navy. I never showed interest in hearing the stories because I hate war, violence of any type. Both men only had stories of death, destruction, illness, injury, and misery. I had a hard time listening to it. (Now my husband could fill you in on all the details because he loves the history part of it.) I don't even have a pic of my dad, this man that was so important in my life, because of the digital thing. I tried to take a copy of a pic I have, but it is not good. Besides I will save all that for Father's Day.

I was so fortunate to have two fathers that loved their children and wives and showed by example that love. I TRULY MISS THEM BOTH....

Friday, May 22, 2009


This is Felix. HE is what I would call a rescued kitty. Eight years ago he was just a wee little thing that wandered out of the field, weak and hungry. See, outdoor farm momma cats will drag their litters into the fields and see which ones survive by making their way back to the farm. Cruel, yes, nature's way, yes. Our farm cats are so wild, we have no say in this natural process of elimination. Well, Felix survived. My husband found him at the edge of a corn field and brought him in to be nurished back to health and from then on he stole our hearts. His personality came out immediately and my daughter and this cat were attached at the hip. Off to the vet he went to get nutured and shots and this indoor kitty has been part of the family since that day of making it out of the field.

ya never know where you will find him.

favorite sleeping spot

another favorite sleeping spot

favorite hiding place, also featuring crinkly pad inside

Watching the birdies

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Just finished my birdbath, can't seem to keep up with the yard (weeds are growing overnight), so I am ready to figure out a new glass project. Sharon had asked me a long time ago to make some kinda thing to put under candles for protection of furniture OR I saw these purses made with the same technique of folding strips cut from potato chip bags and folding them like how we used to fold gum wrappers (Wow, that probably ages me). They are really cute and I saw them in Dillards (?) and they wanted 1/2 an arm for them. Half the fun is figuring out "how did they do that?" Can't be that hard. I also have a stone and a bench to finish,,,,, so I guess I better get going. Now I realize I have plenty of projects, just not sure which one to start first.

If you want to see a beautiful stained glass piece that a blogger friend just finished, go to She also said she needed a new project after she gets back from her trip of a lifetime. I know she is having a blast! Can't wait to see pics of Machu Pichu!

If you have started a new project lately, please share in comments.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009






Monday, May 18, 2009


These pictures were taken in the Rainforest, Moody Gardens, Galveston, TX. We spent hours in there just taking pics. My sister, my daughter, and I are all nuts about plants and cameras. According to the USDA zone map, my home sits in the 5a band. Did they change this map, I always thought I was a 3? Anyway, as the weather has been so wet and cold lately, I miss being in that tropical environment that I was able to enjoy for a few hours. I do like that our winters kill the bugs though.
PS-I haven't figured out how to remove an image and frankly, I am tooooooo frustrated to keep trying to figure it out so you get to see two of the same thing!!!!! I need blog help!!!!!! I will have to try it after the 2nd cup of coffee.... thanks for being patient with a newbie....