Saturday, May 30, 2009


(this morning I wasn't able to insert pics at all on this site. Did anyone else have this problem?)

Yesterday, Not only did I get potato salad made, but I made chicken salad too! Actually too much mayonnaise for the day, but here is the recipe for potato salad. I will post chicken salad at another time. (I'm not a real chef but I play one in blogland.)

It took me 5 years (my last one has been out of the house for 5 years now, wow!!) to get this cut down from 4 people to 2.
6 potatoes
6 eggs
onions (opt.)
1 1/2 c. mayonnaise
some salt, pepper, dry mustard, regular mustard, sweet relish, anything else? don't think so......

I usually don't measure, ahhh, maybe that's my problem...
cook potatoes 30 min. cool, peel
boil eggs 15 min. cool, peel
cut up in tiny pieces celery, radishes, onions (I don't put any in). I don't make so tiny pieces on potatoes. When I cut up the eggs, I put the yolk in a separate bowl and cut up the whites.

I mix together the celery, radishes, potatoes, and egg whites. Salt and pepper the mixture, taste. It should taste seasoned because when you add your mayonnaise, it will saturate the flavor.
Using a fork, smush the egg yolks until crumbly looking. Then add: salt, pepper, dry mustard (I did measure this, about an 1/8 teas. ), regular mustard (1 teas.), 2 teas. sweet relish. Mix all together. Add mayonnaise to this and mix together well.
Add to potato mix and just blend until everything is covered. chill.
It does taste better if made ahead and the flavors have had time to mix.
Everyone makes their favorite potato salad with their own little secrets. If you make a different kind and would like to share it, please do and then I will invite people to your blog through mine. Thanks (taking a bow)
P.S. again this serves two purposes, 1. something to blog 2. recipes for my two girls just incase they want it.


  1. Oh, this looks so yummy!!!!!
    Trying to check on blogs for a week, but it is really slow this morning, wouldn't you know it, when I have a few extra minutes. Grrrrr...