Friday, May 22, 2009


This is Felix. HE is what I would call a rescued kitty. Eight years ago he was just a wee little thing that wandered out of the field, weak and hungry. See, outdoor farm momma cats will drag their litters into the fields and see which ones survive by making their way back to the farm. Cruel, yes, nature's way, yes. Our farm cats are so wild, we have no say in this natural process of elimination. Well, Felix survived. My husband found him at the edge of a corn field and brought him in to be nurished back to health and from then on he stole our hearts. His personality came out immediately and my daughter and this cat were attached at the hip. Off to the vet he went to get nutured and shots and this indoor kitty has been part of the family since that day of making it out of the field.

ya never know where you will find him.

favorite sleeping spot

another favorite sleeping spot

favorite hiding place, also featuring crinkly pad inside

Watching the birdies


  1. I love all these pictures of Felix. He such a cute character. My cat loves, loves to help me type. In fact, sometimes I cant get a word in, she love laying on the keyboard. I think it's that jealous thing. I'm really enjoying your blog and can't wait to see more of your pics.

  2. Felix is so darned cute. Loved all the fun pictures.

  3. What a hoot, girl you crack me up...we do love our babies, don't the tent...!

    Off to the know where!

  4. What a sweet kitty. Looks like one of ours, Kunta Kitty.

  5. Looks like he won the kitty cat lottery! Thanks for visiting my blog, and thanks for the super sweet comments you left. I really appreciate them. Hope you'll visit again!