Monday, May 4, 2009


I leave tomorrow for (in my mind) the trip of a life time. There are five of us, my mom (El Jobean, Fl), my sister(Humble, TX), her daughter(St. Louis, MO), my daughter(Cedar Rapids, IA) and myself (Illinois City, IL) who are trying to make an annual outing happen each year. This year is my sister's 50th or as we are calling it "1/2 Century Celebration" (she's the one in the middle). She has rented a beach house right on the gulf in Galveston, TX. My mom and niece are already there and my daughter and I leave tomorrow for a whole week, yup, 7 days, of nothing but relax on the schedule. Of course, that's what we intend, but usually something exciting happens when we get together. Like the time we were all at my mom's in Florida for her birthday. We were heading shopping and we got a flat tire. It wasn't but 5 minutes and The Harley Boys from a bike rally across from where we pulled off, came to rescue us. Of course, that meant photo op time when they found out it was my mom's birthday. Kind, wonderful gentlemen, dressed in leather for the day. They were actually doing a Toy-a-thon for under privileged kids so we decided to contribute to their cause and thanked them for the quick response to 5 girls in trouble with a tire. Here's some pics from Florida Trip. So I will have pics when I get back in a week and I will guarantee a few stories to tell. See ya then.


Grandma and my daughter, trying on red hats


  1. There be trouble a brewin'...argh...with this crew headin' for the Texas shores...lock up yer sons...well maybe there'll be that lucky flat tire again so you can photo op with the toy boyz again...wish I was a little mouse in the luggage...have a margarita for us poor slobs back in Ioway...

    Have a great time oh crazy one...
    from the other...s

  2. Okay, first I have to say that piece that you commented on my blog, was made for a swap so it is off and in the mail with a bunch of others..hehehe..had to get that out before I forgot to add it at the end after reading your post.

    I am so happy to hear about the family getaway. How fun!!! I love the pics from the Florida trip, you have a beautiful family and it is nice to be able to go on vacation together. You got a laptop with yah? How are you going to keep up on your blog..LOL...

    Love all of your beautiful glass pieces over on the sidebar. Awesome work.

    Have fun my friend, be safe and I look forward to great pics when you get back.