Saturday, May 16, 2009


It won't stop!!! Everything is more than saturated. The garden, yea, under water. I don't think seeds were hybridized to grow under water. The corn and bean fields, questionable. We shall see how fast the water disappears to see if they will need to be replanted. There are spots that just do not look good. And the yard, ya know how I hate it when it is overgrown and it has to be raked after mowing. But look on the bright side. I haven't had to drag out the hose and all my perennials are growing above and beyond where they usually are at this time, and ya know how I like my flowers. Please Mister Sunshine, please shine down on our wetness and dry us out. You too, Mister Wind, blow that warm wind and dry us up, puulleeaassee!!!!


  1. oh dear, look at all that swampiness! i hope it evaporates with haste. best of luck, and let's hope it leads to greener pastures...

  2. I'm drowning...well let's hope we get some sunshine again today, it was glorious yesterday and I need to paint furniture today, but as I looked out at my garden this morning, the plants are just sitting there, my iris haven't evened bloomed yet, that is very unusual. Hope this doesn't mean blight for the tomatoes, like it was last year...argh...

    Go check out my friend Colleen over at Main Street will love her!!! I'm going there now, she is the new Irma Bombeck, what a hoot, trust me, you will laugh out loud.
    See ya soon!

  3. AMEN! We've had our annual yearly average rainfall in 4 weeks, here in Montana! Which scares the dickens out of me, because I hope it doesn't just stop raining, now that we already have the average....

    I absolutely LOVE your glass work! Last spring, in a moment of insanity, I took a stained glass class. I have no place to do it, right now, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming, you know?! Your bird bath is breathtaking, and the bone is sweet.