Wednesday, May 27, 2009


"Running around with" Best Friend

"The one who knows me best" Best Friend

"Girls I love to travel with, you all are the most special to me" Best Friends

"New get-together" Best Friends

"my kids, also most special" Best Friends

"my passion" Best Friend

My Best Friend in the whole wide world, the one on the right side.

I have been blessed with so many wonderful, beautiful people in my life. I have several other "Best Friends", I just don't have a pic of them. So you know who you are, my camera may be pointing at you soon! Thanks for understanding.... love ya all :)


  1. Love you too!! We sure have a good time together... and you "get" me. A lot of people just don't get me. However, I need a pic of you for my blog too. Your blog is so enjoyable. (blog-envy?)

  2. Nice to meet all of your besties! Thank you for introducing me.

    No, I didn't say beAsties!

  3. Thank you for coming to my blog and following me!!!

    Did you find me through Lynn at "It's a July Thing?"

    I'm loving all your mosaic pieces.

  4. ooooops - - - I also LOVE your avatar picture. I see from your profile that we're nearly neighbors - - - well, a whole state's width between us, but close enough.

  5. Hi Lori,
    This is such a wonderful post, enjoyed reading and meeting your best friends.