Monday, May 25, 2009


Please visit Annie Fannie's Green Acres for a wonderful Memorial Day Tribute. Thanks Annie Fannie.

Yesterday after church, we (actually my husband and his mom, I have horrid allergies right now. Curse those Honey Locust trees.) went to the cemetary for the Memorial Day Service. We went earlier this week and decorated family members stones with flowers. (That's the tradition here. We do it every year). My husband's family have lived in this little spot forever. The info I know off the top of my head is grandfather-in-law was born here in 1882. That's the oldest one I could find, family wise. My father-in-law was born (literally) in the house that he lived in for 86 years and the house we are in now (shown above) was the home my husbands' grandparents purchased and lived in for many years. ANYWAY, my father-in-law was in the military and was shot when he was in Germany(?) and was honorably discharged and received a purple heart for his service. Pretty amazing when you think about it all and how we walk around doing our everyday things like we are so untouchable. Memorial Day, just take a few moments to pray and thank all those that made the difference, all those who gave their lives, and say a prayer for all those families that lost loved ones for the cause of our freedom.
Harlo Ricketts 11/14/1918 - 2/01/2005

I really don't want to leave my own father out of this tribute. He also served his country by being in the Marines or the Navy. I never showed interest in hearing the stories because I hate war, violence of any type. Both men only had stories of death, destruction, illness, injury, and misery. I had a hard time listening to it. (Now my husband could fill you in on all the details because he loves the history part of it.) I don't even have a pic of my dad, this man that was so important in my life, because of the digital thing. I tried to take a copy of a pic I have, but it is not good. Besides I will save all that for Father's Day.

I was so fortunate to have two fathers that loved their children and wives and showed by example that love. I TRULY MISS THEM BOTH....


  1. Hi Lori,
    Thanks for sharing this great post, what a beautiful home. Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

  2. Oh, my gosh, I love that house!
    It looks like it should be in a movie!