Friday, May 29, 2009


Ya know "It's Friday", just doesn't mean the same thing or have the same umph after you retire. Now to Sharon at Sweet Repose, this Friday means the opening of her new store in Palo, Iowa..White.. a cute and shabby little storefront where you can stroll and meander, looking at all the whatknot and stuff. Primitive and shabby chic... open on the weekends only for right now. Go to her blog, you will love it.

Then there's Keetha, a new and fun blogger friend. This Friday is the first day off of school letting out. Maybe she is sleeping in this morning, but by the sound of her days, probably not. This woman will amaze you. She probably does more in a day than I do in a week and I love reading her blog. Check it out.

Now that I have retired from the law office, what used to be: finish any work that is still sitting on my desk and pray there are no emergencies.... has turned into: hmmmm what shall I fix for lunch and what project am I going to work on today...
I am very blessed to be able to enjoy the day whichever way I want, for the most part. It has been so good, my doctor took me off of blood pressure meds.
Thank you God for this beautiful day, now everyday is Saturday!!!

Please share your "It's Friday!!" story in comments or email:

Working in the garden and flower beds today. Pics to follow...................


  1. As a teacher, "It's Friday" brings joy to both the students' AND the teacher's heart!!! It's a day to do a fun learning activity in class while looking forward to two glorious days OUT of school.

    TODAY is a VERY special Friday for me - - - it is our FIRST FULL DAY OF SUMMER VACATION!!!!!

    I'm just a little giddy about it.

  2. Hi Lori... A fun "Friday" observance! I look forward to more of your wonderful pictures. Later Gator.

  3. Fridays for me means truck day. A little competition to see if we could get all our new merchandise out before the weekend. A little competition is fun,it keeps me moving fast and keeps things interesting. The people I work with think I'm crazy everytime I announce "I LOVE truck day", but I love my job and truck day is the best part.

  4. Now that I am retired from the classroom, Friday is Be-sure-to-have-everything-you-need-for-the-weekend-so-you-don't-have-to-go-out-among-the-crowd-of-weekend-people-Day.
    Monday is my favorite day of the week!

  5. Oh my, I feel a little foolish!!! Was my NAME and my BLOG LINK in this post when I FIRST found it, 'cause if so, I MISSED THAT SOMEHOW.

    I SHOULD have thanked you profusely for mentioning me, and would have had I KNOWN.

    BTW - - - I LOVE the changes you made on your blog. The black background and the GORGEOUS inside of the poppy header picture - - - really like it.

    I spent some time "tweaking" up some things on my blog, and I really did THINK about going to a black template, but haven't been brave enough to take the plunge yet.

    I've had a blog since June of 2006 and have had the same template this ENTIRE TIME - - - I don't think I really like change!!

  6. Quite alright Keethasaurus. I didn't think anything of it. I just gave you a little shout out cuz I like to give recognition to people that I think are special and who make a difference especially to kids. I do children's sermon each Sunday and I am a mentor for confirmation kids at our church because that is a way I can keep in contact with kids without having to be involved with a school. It is what I can do with the time that I have available.