Sunday, August 30, 2009


The neighbors drove in the drive yesterday and as neighbor hubby opened the trunk, neighbor wife said, "We have a present for you. Not sure you will want it, but maybe you will!" With smiles on their faces and the closer I got to the trunk, I was so excited to see this monstrous pumpkin just smiling back at me. Folks, this thing is huge! The pic does not do it's great stature justice! No, I'm not getting in the pic to show you size. Just use your imagination..... Not only did he carve our last name in it, he cleaned it all out and put a little entrance door on it so it can be lit!!!

So I found a jar candle, stuck it in last night and illuminated that big boy!!!

Again, pics do not do this justice! That puppy shined bright and proud!
THANKS, neighbors, you are the best!!!!!


  1. That is totally awesome. How sweet of them.

  2. How fortunate and blessed you are, Lori, to have such great neighbors who are also great friends!

  3. Neato! I want a neighbor like that. Hold it! I CAN BE a neighbor like that!

  4. That's great! And you know what? To be blessed with neighbors like that you have to be one as good for you! Love the way it looks at night :-)