Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I just didn't know what to type today, so I thought I would just do random pics and updates.

My 5/03/09 post was about this elf house entitled, "Do they really live there?" Update, I found an elf to add to the "house" and my neighbor was thrilled.

Same neighbors house, same tree, check out this swing. My neighbor picked up these horse swings for her grandchildren. They are made out of a tire and are just a hoot!!!

Update! I did a post on 6/02/09 "New life" re: wild turkey eggs my husband uncovered while mowing around a field. I took this pic a few days ago. In the post there were 12 eggs. Now there are only 8, but none have hatched yet.

And this is Fuzz. He is my son and daughter-in-laws cat. Oh, what a spoiled kitty!! and this is his favorite hiding spot. Maybe because he knows it irritates his parents!


  1. Love the elf house and the swing...too cute...some days are just like that, when that brain fart happens, I just role through the archives and something just jumps out at me.

    What a name 'Fuzz'...I love it. I like simple names...we had a German shorthair once who's name was 'Buns'...she had the cutest little wiggle when she walked as a pup.

    try to stay dry these next few days...argh!


  2. Gee, if Fuzz keeps hanging out in the electrical cords the kids may have to rename him "Buzz"!
    You know I always enjoy your blog entries!!

  3. The gnome tree house is the best!!!

  4. Love the little windows and door on the tree. so cute. sometimes fun posts come when we can't think of anything else.

  5. good idea for post.. I've wanted to do a gnome door... so fun! I've seen the horse swing before so incredlbly creative!

  6. Love the pic of the little elf house and the kitty is darling!