Thursday, June 18, 2009


We had another 1"+ rain last night! The best thing is I haven't had to drag out the hose yet this year. Everything is huge! I don't think my flowers have ever done this well. And because I took early retirement last year, I have done a better job keeping up with the weeds, kinda. So this week the lilies are taking over the yard. I went a little crazy with my lily passion last year and planted a few new ones. Names? I only kept a few of the tags, otherwise, I would have no clue... details, details, not good with the details..... Aren't flowers supposed to be a feast for the eyes and nose anyway.

"White" dwarf Asiatic lily

might be, Salmon Beauty

Tiny Tom


  1. Your lilies are fabulous...mine aren't there quite yet, but they are HUGE, it's the rain...last time my flowers were this big was in the summer of 93'...that's right and they were all in 5-18 inches of water. I bet your hostas are huge too...always said you had big hostas...har...har...

    My question is how many bags does it take to fill a hat... I'm lacking sleep...Scratchy was barking at the thunder ALL night last night, finally got to sleep around 2:30...then she had to pee and 5:30...God luv er ...BUT...throw me a bone Scratchy!!!

    later friend...s

  2. Your lilies are lovely! They are my favorite flower. Have you heard of a newish variety called ""orienpet". a cross beteen a oriental and a trumpet. They are gorgous. Over 5 feet tall. I planted 30 more this spring. Did you get your books yet? They are both full of great ideas.

  3. Absolutely breath-taking - - - and your new header, stunning!

  4. Hello! Just wanted to thank you for choosing to follow my blog, rhubarb reign. Hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if you ever have any questions about it. Have a great weekend! Sandy/rhubarb reign

  5. PS: The photos of the lilies are fantastic! sg

  6. Lori, your lilies are gorgeous. I see that mine are just now starting to peek. Love them, can hardly wait for them to pop.