Monday, June 29, 2009


Okay, so I kinda have a little passion for these flying critters! (Not the same passion my cat has for them! I do keep the feeders up high and safe, PETA, not to worry.) I counted 14 this morning which is a lot for me.

I had an ant problem to solve. This little green device really does the trick! It has insecticide in it which keeps the ants from coming up the post.

Hummingbird food: mix 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. No food coloring!

Stir real well.

Microwave almost to a boil.

Cool completely. I use ice if the birds just can't wait! Otherwise, I fill my sink with cold water. Transfer mix to a plastic container and stir or just let sit.

Fill feeder. For 14 of them(I think that's how many. It is kinda hard to count them because those little boogers are soooo fast!) I fill one feeder a day. Be sure to wash out your feeder each time. Sugar does tend to turn fast in the hot sun and ya don't need inebriated birds (they don't hold their liquor very well!) You can store it in the refrig. for up to 5 days. I, myself, would rather make it fresh I guess. Sure wish you could hear these chatty little things.... They are quite verbal, squeaky little things...


  1. I just cleaned out my feeder again, but rarely see the lil' buggers, where did you get the insecticide leaf, that is such a problem...ANTS!

  2. Word someone trying to tell me somethin'...

  3. It's the little cup thingy that the feeder hangs off of. Got it at Blaine's Farm N' Fleet. It comes with an insecticide pad you put in it(or maybe it is already in there). I just spray a little bit of Raid ant spray in there each year and it seems to do the trick. My ant problem was way out of control and the birds would not come to the feeder, so I had to do something. I only go down on the chain of life so far and then I call it quits as to what kinda critter I will feed!

  4. Love the photo. Your timing was perfect. I use to do that years ago and we use to put oil on the rod. I love your idea. They are awesome to watch.

  5. So THAT'S where all my little birds went! I haven't seen a single one visiting my feeder this summer.

  6. So much fun to watch these birds, have lots of them around here.

  7. I love your birdfeeder with all the birds!
    I keep insects from going to mine by putting, are you ready for this?......vaseline! Add a dab around any part of the pole and they won't cross it! :)

  8. What a great idea Anne Fannie!