Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This award represents a loyal reader (because dragon's are loyal!)
I want to thank Debby from Just Breathe for this award. I love reading her blog. She has such a kind and genuine heart. She's just interesting to read. Reading her blog each day, is like calling a best friend just to say hi, how are ya? and she is one of my loyal readers as well. I'm just so lucky to have such fun, wonderful, loving bloggy buddies. Be sure to check out her blog.

So now I am supposed to list my loyal bloggy buddies. My "Sisters-of-the-Blog". These are people that read my blog regularly and comment. I have tons of people reading (as shown by my counter and traffic feed), but few comment. So this award can only go to the ones that comment since I DON'T KNOW WHO THE OTHERS ARE...

Sharon at Sweet Repose, dear close friend in blogworld and realworld.

Piper at Friends Candle Shed , my P.O.C. ! check out her blog.

Mary at Cohagen Chronicles has become a dear friend through the blogworld.

Jeannette (?) at ButterRum, she does excellent tutorials re: cooking, baking, love her.

Colleen at Main Street Memories All I can say is she will put you in a good mood and make your day just by reading her blog. Oh, be ready to laugh out loud!

Penny at Little PenPen I love her posts. Be sure to check her out.

Kathy at Glass Artist... a mentor in glass world... love ya Kathy. Her work is so awesome...

Debi at Life in my Studio Love what she does...

Lovella at What Matters Most what a sweetheart.. and a beautiful blog

Jan at Summer Sundays Always has something to share, and her arrangements are beautiful. Check her out and her place at Leola's.

Kitty at What Now? She visits me all the time... thanks!

Barb at Simply Iowa Love her!!! If we lived physically close to each other, we would be dangerous together. She flies all around the MidWest with her cute lil' blue truck.

Life is Good (Sorry. Don't know your first name) but a devoted follower and leaves the sweetest comments.

Debra at Common Ground the coolest decorating ideas and leaves dear sweet comments.

Joan at Anything Goes Here the neatest ideas, quick tutorials, great adventures in the world of estate sales... thanks for the comments.

and last but not least, Cher at The Texas Woman, my Tuesday entertainment... go to her blog and see. Love ya Cher, Mohawk Woman...

THANK YOU ALL MY DEAR BLOGGY BUDDIES,,,, I love you all.... You are the ones that keep me posting because of your comments, kind hearts. It is a friendship like none other!

Now collect your awards and pass them on to your best readers....

This post just took me forever... So if you don't have forever to spend on this project, I understand, it's okay.... I know I missed a bunch of people, I am truly sorry... but this little clock was going off in my head and all I could hear was tick, tick, tick,,,,, so time to go!!! LOVE YA ALL and thanks for commenting, I look forward to reading more....


  1. I have to go and check them out. Thanks for stopping over at my blog. I can never reply to your comments and I want you to know that your important to me and I love your comments.
    Have a great day.

  2. Thanks for mentioning me too. You Iowa women are some of my favorites (sorry, & Illinois). I just always think of you as part of that gang. Always love checking in with you. Jan

  3. Not Jeannette, my name is Patricia. Sorry for the confusion, I'll update my blog (tee-hee).

    THANKS for the award :-)

  4. Oh please, don't think a thing of it! Really, I should have been more clear. Hey, I'm still learning a lot about blogging.... wonder what the next lesson learned will be ;).

  5. Oh, you sweet thing!
    Thank you. I hope to get the opportunity to read some of those blogs later this week; every one of them will be interesting, I just know it.

    I'm going to attempt the button on my blog! The dragon ought to really elicit comments...

  6. Having you as a constant friend at the 'Shed', has been the most fun and your right, time is of the essence these days...I stashed a huge cupboard at Piper's last you think she'll notice...ha!

    Now I have to move Jerid today...will it ever end???

  7. Aww..thanks. You know I love visiting and I hear my sweet wind chimes tinkling, I always think of you and am reminded what a great blogging-buddy you are! Thanks, Sweetie! Now, go out there and have a FUNDAY!

  8. Thank you for including me for this award. I sure don't desire it lately. Fighting this BC takes up all my energy, it seems. You've encouraged me to try to do better and I thank you! Plus I thank you for showing us your inspiring art work!


  9. Thank You sooo much! You are such a SWEETIE!
    Love what you do, you are a true artist!!!!
    Barb C.