Friday, September 25, 2009


I wish I could get more into decorating these days. I used to put out tons of decorations for each season, each holiday. Heck, one year I even had a little Christmas tree in the bathroom
(I know,,,, WHAT.....who does that?)
But year after year, my decoration desire is deminishing.....
So, this is my fall decorating... just this little corner....
See that jar?

Well, Piper painted these jars and has them at the Shed. They are just so cute. You can put a tea light in them or maybe candy, whatever.
I just added mine to the fall decor.

She also has Christmas on her mind. I didn't want to say that too loud, it might start snowing and as much as I don't mind snow, I don't want it to start too soon.
So she painted a bunch of snowmen.
They are just cute as can be. Again, you could use it for any purpose, but they shine so cute with a tea light in them. There are polka dots on the front and stripes in the back that allow the light to shine through.


  1. Somehow Oct. just sneaked up on me this year. Maybe I'll do some decorating today. The jars are great. Jan

  2. That Piper is very talented. (love that name, too) It gets harder and harder for me to decorate these days too... so much work, ha ha! I hate putting it all back up.

  3. Her style is so much different than mine, to which I am so thankful, then we have the best of both...I wish Pipee liked her name as much as her Mommy is SOOOOO her!!!

  4. I know the feeling. I was never really big into Halloween decorations. I do love Christmas but sometimes I just don't put out all the extras around the house. Still love my tree but it takes a week to decorate it so I leave it up until mid or end of January. Your not alone.

  5. ya i also put out fewer decorations each passing year. one year i put up 3 full size christmas trees and it was so much work taking them down, never again!

  6. The jars are adorable! I love jars...but I have almost run out of space! almost...heehee