Monday, September 21, 2009


You know you've been gone too long when....

1. asks you to identify yourself

2. A reader asks, "is something wrong, you haven't posted for awhile."
3. You have to read your own blog to figure out where you left off.
4. You realize how much has gone on since your last post.
5. You go to read other blogs and you have 4 days worth of daily blogs to read!

Wow, I was amazed that 4 days had blown by, just vanished. I sometimes wonder how come these days go by so fast, but when I worked full time, the days couldn't go fast enough,,,

So here is what I have been doing since my last post .

Took my daughter in law shopping all day Friday for her birthday this Wednesday. She found an arm full of clothes and a pair of shoes and I found 3, HOLY MOLEY, 3 pair of shoes/boots. Anyone who knows me knows I hate buying shoes! I am not a shopper for myself. I would much rather shop for others... oh and by the way, I hate clothes shopping worst! I know, not the normal typical girl I guess!!

But then I got to go to the Candy Store, in my mind!!!

I got to go to the Glass Blast, Bettendorf, IA. This is by far, much better than any shoe, clothes, or purse fix!

Look at these beauties!!! and all 12x16 huge pieces of glass! I may be a little warped, but this was a heavenly load of glass. I just can't tell you how thrilled I get over glass. Hey, you glass people out there know exactly what I mean....

Then, remember this place from my post re: Atlanta airport, Charleys' Grilled Subs. Well, to my surprise, there is one in NorthPark Mall, Davenport, IA. I love the Philly Chicken sandwich. So lunch with Ami (d-i-l) was awesome!!!

Then home for a nap, I was pooped from all the thrills!!!

Saturday,,,,, painted the kitchen at church with a few other people.
went to a 4pm wedding
went to a 6:30pm retirement party

Sunday,,,,,, church, my turn to usher and I do children's sermon each Sunday, lunch, nap (I love
naps), grocery shopping (uck!), Menards (better!), came home and started working
on another idea I picked up re: bottles, copper wire, candles....
oh I will show you as soon as I figure it out!!!!

Monday,,,,, I need to play catch-up on the house and laundry. Got apples to work on (I make
apple pie filling and freeze it for the rest of the year). Still need to plant all those
mums..... and the list goes on and on and on....

See how fast that went..... time, such a funny thing....
When you want it to go fast, It doesn't! When you want it to slow down, it goes faster...

So what is your next project. Are you working on something fun to share???

Let us know, fill us in on your days that whizz by......


  1. Wow girl, you were busy. The shopping sounded like a really good day. Love the new shoes!
    I'm not much of a shopper. I use to be, I kind of OCD shopped. If I don't shop I don't spend money so duh, I don't shop much anymore.

  2. i do believe i ate ate charley grilled subs at the atlanta airport in july when we were passing through. and if i am correct i think it was pretty darn good!
    no projects in the works, yet!

  3. I hate clothes shopping for myself. I can barely stomach grocery shopping. I am SO NOT a girl!

  4. You have been busy! I'm with you... I hate clothes shopping too!

  5. Your schedule sounds like mine. Right now I'm trying to get g'daughters' tooth fairy pillows done. One lost her first tooth yesterday so she waited for g'ma to finish her pillow today. Her twin sister has one hanging so I've promised hers tomorrow (maybe I'll get a picture). Also have a cushion for an antique baby buggy I bought the last time we were in Iowa. It's for a friend's new g'baby. Wish I ever felt "caught up". Jan