Thursday, September 17, 2009


Last year a friend said she had this HUGE FLOWERING PLANT outside their house that she didn't know what it was, but if I wanted a piece of it, to just come over and dig it up. Well, you don't have to tell me twice when offered outdoor plants!!!
(I can't have anything inside. My cat thinks it is a new source of food. He WILL TRY TO EAT ANYTHING RESEMBLING A PLANT, even if it is fake!!!)
Well, I have been known to put plants in the yard in the Fall and by Spring, I have forgotten I did it. I know, I know, make a diagram.... hey, that would ruin the surprise!
I forgot about this one!
This Spring, I saw this THING growing and for some reason I didn't pull it while weeding.
I just thought, let's see what this is and left it. Never watered it, just let it go...
And boy, am I glad I did!!!!!
This Hibiscus flower measures 10 inches across. I can't believe this made it through the winter, that I didn't pluck it when weeding, and that it sprouted this HUGE flower on hardly any stem. I marked it with a stick so NEXT YEAR, I will remember I put it there and it will have a chance once more to utterly astound me!!
This is a regular 8" brick just to show you the size of this flower. The whole stem is only 20" high and there are two more buds... WOO HOO!!!


  1. Isn't it beautiful? What a treat!

  2. OMG that flower is huge. I've only seen them on bushes here in California and never that big. That one is like a free sanding sunflower only it's a Hibiscus. It is outstanding!

  3. I came to answer your question about the big orange thing. It is a hybrid pumpkin/gourd thing...I think. It is the size of a pumpkin. I bought it at the flea market from a guy who was selling for a 4H group who grows things for a seed company to test them out. I hope that answer makes sense.

    I bought it for my booth for exactly the reason that it was weird! xo Joan

  4. this is one of the few plants i can grow! and trust me, grow they do! keep taking pictures because in just a couple of years it will be large(not just the flower part), very large!! and beautiful.

  5. ...AND...if it sends up any lil' know who you can call...

    You have such a beautiful yard, wish everyone could see it like I get to, especially when you're trying to jump the ditch on yer rider...ha!

    See ya...Brenda's workin' in the Shed for PP tomorrow, WOW, we both have a Saturday off...Sisters' was a mad house today, tomorrow should be even better...yippee...

  6. Oh, that is beautiful! And, so is your header! Love it :-)

  7. That's AMAZING!! I've never seen a flower that BIG!! It's beautiful...what a sweet surprise!

  8. Wow, I love hibiscus flowers and that is a beauty!