Monday, September 28, 2009


See that new award I just got!!! Look over there, on the right, see it? Thanks Debby from Just Breathe...I am soooo excited, but honestly, I have no time to type til tonight. I'm just sneaking this in while waiting for DH to call me.

Yes, I am "taxi woman" this morning because it is the first day of picking and that means being on call for anything (since I am retired, this has become my job of sorts).

The first day of picking means alot of adjustments so I wear many hats; tool finder woman, lunch packer woman, good listener woman (sometimes I need ear plugs for this role), taxi woman, to name a few... oh, there will be a few more hats in there, I just can't think of them right now and my phone is ringing, guess who it is?... yup, DH (dear hubby)... I'm out the door... type to everyone tonight,,,, see ya!!!


  1. It's good to be busy. I was pleased to pass the award on to you.

  2. First day of picking? I must have missed something - whatcha pickin'? And I'll bet DH loves having you to be counted on when he needs, a taxi, a lunch, or a tool :-)

  3. Yeah, the dust is in the air down here too, no wonder Piper's allergies have picked up...achoo!!!

    But I love the sound too, of farmers in the fields and the rumble of the corn pickers...fall is surely in the air!

    other mom...