Thursday, September 10, 2009


Every year we (our church) has a Labor Day Breakfast! It is a wonderful get together, breakfast by donation and a car wash by the Youth Group. This year was a great success.

The morning started out just beautiful. I was up to the church at 5:00 am. along with several others. After we poured coffee into each other we got the show going....

Robert kept the hungry people orderly upstairs while the little elves were cooking downstairs.

The tables were set, all forks and knives ready...

These guys were cooking the whole hog sausage from Reason's Locker... This is the best sausage...
These are the kitchen people. I thought I would bring a little color to the bunch!!! Three scrambled egg people, one egg cracker and one sausage gravy maker (actually Laura, second from the last) did a little bit of everything. She's the organizer.
We served soooo many, 300+, we ran out of biscuits, but that didn't stop Laura.
She whipped up homemade biscuits for an extra 50 people as opposed to telling them sorry we ran out. Then we ran out of gravy, but that didn't stop Laura.
She whipped up another pot of homemade gravy rather than disappoint people.
Nothing phases this woman!!! She just goes with the flow, leading the pack!!!
These people served the crowd, plus a few others missing in the picture. Then there was a whole crew that cleaned tables and reset them and a few others that filled the plates full of homemade rolls, muffins, breads, etc.
All in all, there are quite a few, 25-30, people that worked the Breakfast and another 10 that did the Car Wash.
I love it when our whole church works together for one cause all for the glory of God.
Praise be to God....


  1. Looks like a great time... and yummy home cooked breakfast... even better!

  2. Wow, what a wonderful event. True servants of God.