Friday, September 4, 2009


Yesterday morning I went to Friend's Candle Shed to pick up a bunch of stuff for the Farmer's Market that I was invited to participate in. As I was packing up the SUV, I said to Piper, "I sure wish you could help set this up! " and in a whiny voice I said, "Please try to come. Maybe Sharon would watch the shop for a few hours, please call her and see". So she did and Sharon (Thanks Sharon) came to the rescue and Pip came over and I am soooo glad she did. LOOK AT HER STAGING! This was just adorable how she set this up.... I would not have come up with any of this!! and she did it literally in 15 minutes maybe 10.

The other day I was wishing I had planted the gourds more into June instead of May. Yesterday, I was glad to have gourds already mature. I sold alot of them!
Piper had this bright idea to paint a few old lunchboxes. These turned out soooo cute!!
And this one sold right away!!
Piper and me (I'm in the orange t-shirt.... See my stones!)
This is Veneta, she is a veteran Farmer's Mkt. person. She does them all season with fresh baked goodies and farm fresh eggs, fresh picked produce, etc. They actually have a stand in their front yard that she sells stuff out of...
This is Laura,,,, yes, the instigator of many things. She seems to have endless energy and always puts it to good use. And on her days off from the extras, she is a surgery nurse at two different hospitals.... I shake my head in amazement. She gets more done before 7am than I do all day!
Sue,,,, she's the one that paints!!! Oh my, you should see her miniature paintings on Agate stones. They are just precious. She can paint a whole scenery on a 2 inch square, detailed work that is so tiny! Hold them up to the light and the colors are magnificent!

Maria - She is the one that owns Hilltop Greenhouse, Illinois City, IL. She and her husband have been established now for quite a few years! And it is Mum Season!!!! The size of these are just not justified by the picture and the colors are beautiful!!! If you ever get through this way, please take time to find this place which is right on the way to Loud Thunder Forest Preserve, 238th Street West, Illinois City, just North from Illinois City, IL. Ya know, turn at the old pool hall and go down a mile. You can also pick up mums from Hilltop Greenhouse at Fareway Grocery Stores throughout Iowa.
I had so much fun! Now I understand all you antique people who do shows all the time! This could get addicting. I saw so many people that I hadn't seen for a long time, got to chat for 3 hours, everyone was just having a good time, great weather, and I got to hang with my buddy, Piper who taught me how to stage something cute in the blink of an eye!!! Thanks Pip for coming and spending the time away from the shop, Friends Candle Shed...
OH, and I sold 5 stones,,,, wow, I was thrilled beyond belief!!!!
This was a one day trial with a great turnout!!!
Next year, we have decided to do a monthly Farmer's Market Days on that little corner in Illinois City, IL.


  1. You display is absolutely beautiful. Glad you had such a good time and sold your stones.

  2. Oh! I wish I lived about, oh, 2500 miles closer! I love farmer's markets.

    Congratulations on selling 5 stones!!! Well done!

    That's a great way to spend the day. Are you going to do it again?!

  3. Yeah for selling 5 stones!!! The little lunch box bird houses were a great idea. Thanks for sharing your fun and your friends.

  4. Looks like you girls had TOO MUCH FUN - - - hope your pockets were jingling with cold hard cash when you headed home!

  5. What fun it is to see your photos! Looks like you had a great time - and made a little money too. What more can we ask for!