Thursday, October 1, 2009


I never thought that it might be helpful to know how to add an award. I forgot someone walked me through this the first time. I've had a few people ask so here are some instructions for those just learning and if you have any questions, email me at:

1. Go to my post where the picture of the award is.
2. Right click on it and go to SAVE PICTURE AS...
3. put which file you want to store this picture in, personally I just put it on my desktop so I can find it.... just make sure you can find it where ever you put it...
4. Go to your blog, then to your dashboard, then to layout.
5. Go to add a gadget, go to picture, and click browse on your computer.
6. Go to the folder or desktop and find the picture of the award, double click the picture. It should automatically download. When finished click SAVE.
You can also type in a title or comment in caption or title.
I hope this helps...... best of luck and email me if stuck!!!

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