Friday, October 2, 2009


I just finished two more pictures and have three more to go. I have been so into doing these that everything else is not getting done. Do I care? NOOOOOOO!
This one is little, 4"x 4" square.

Shining in the window...

This one is 8"x 10". This is just laying on my table, much prettier hanging.
Shining in the window....
I think that is what I like about these, when you put them in a window, the design lights up the colors so bright!!!


  1. oooh... those are gorgeous... love the orange colors!!! Is this stained glass, where each piece is put in separate? (I know nothing about glass)

  2. They are so beautiful, I love your work.
    You create - I blog!

  3. Wow lorie you are a busy gal. Every time i check your blog there is something new. Love the fall piece.

  4. Oh, those are beautiful!
    I hope you have a successful sale, after all this work. Okay, maybe it's not really, really work, but there's a lot of time and effort invested here.

    Aren't autumn colors fun to work with? I love the warm oranges, yellows and reds.