Saturday, October 17, 2009


Twice a year our church gets out all the equipment to make noodles from scratch for our Dinner Day which happens on the second Wednesday of April and October. These fundraiser days enable us to do extra necessary things for our church and parsonage.

A few posts back, entitled "Noodles", I said I would show the process of making noodles....

We usually make noodles in a one week stretch. For 4 mornings and 4 evenings, groups of people show up in our church kitchen and work through the process.

We will go through 100-110 DOZEN EGGS...
Each batch takes 1 cup= approximately 4 eggs...
We ask each family to donate 2 dozen eggs and 10 lbs. of flour...

It all begins in the mixing.... one person usually mixes.

Then the women on the right of the picture will kneed the dough and form it into flat balls.

The women, on the left of this picture, take those flat pieces and run them through a noodle maker, thinning them out into strips of very thin dough.

This takes a few times, at a few different settings to get them the right thickness.

Then the tray of strips are passed on to the next station.

After these two cut the final noodles,,,,,,
This person takes a tray full of just-cut noodles and spreads them out on tables covered with paper.

When these beauties are all dry, we bag them up and freeze them for either cooking on Dinner Day or selling at our Country Store that same day. We make thin and wide noodles.
The thin ones are the ones I cook on Dinner Day.
We have no trouble getting rid of them and have many, many people order them ahead of time.


  1. That is so awesome. I have made fresh noodles with a pasta maker but I got rid of it. What a wonderful tradition for your church.

  2. This is fabulous! I love to see your church members working together... and those tables covered with noddles - fantastic!

    It would be wonderful if you could post an approximate recipe... 4 eggs to how much flour. Do you add salt? etc.

  3. I love homemade noodles but can't believe you roll out the dough with a hand-crank machine. It's hard enough with an electric one! Do you use olive oil?


  4. Thanks so much for bringin' PP a bowl, she offered me some many times, but just watching her enjoy them was food enough for thought...Pipee loves her noodles, the lil' noodlehead!!!

    The other Mom...

  5. Oh yum!!! I WANT some of these.

    I do know how to make them, have made them PLENTY of times - - - but NOT since I went back to teaching full time.

  6. Hey Lori!
    I love the stone at the top of your post, with the pumpkin! You are sooo tallented!
    Thanks for the comment...It took a lot of 2x4's in the head, to understand, 'Grain must be gound to make bread.', and, 'To burn brightly, our lives must first experience the flame.' Boy, are my tail feathers smokin'! We could never understand others sorrow, if we had never endured, ourselves...
    I don't belong to any organized religion, but I hold God near to me.
    I think we are friends, tho far away, we work for the same Guy...
    Barb C.

  7. Wow - that looks like a fun project for all -and a lot of hard work. I can just see a bunch of women, all making noodles, getting into a big ol food fight - flour flying everywhere..hahahha!