Monday, October 26, 2009

N S E W....

Usually these maple tree leaves are more orange/red color, but this year the color is YELLOW.

When we moved here in 1978, we planted tons of trees over 10 years. 108 in our yard and across a fence line. We also planted 300 Burr Oak and Swamp White Oak trees through a conservation program. These trees were planted along the river where the land is untillable.
Give back to the land! IT IS SOOO IMPORTANT!!!


  1. We did the same thing in our last house. Trees everywhere. Since we have a view home now we have to trees in the backyard. Yellow is my favorite color so I am really loving your tree photos. Thanks.

  2. WOw! You have a ton of trees! Good for you and good for us, so thank you :-) Great fall shots..

  3. Your yard must be beautiful right about now. I love Burr oaks. they are so gnarley. I'll bet you get alot of cool birds.

  4. Thanks for stopping over. I don't do snakes either. He was really thin, not so big but long. I had to do it for Skye. I had to get it out of the yard, that gave me some peace of mind. I hate snakes.

  5. and look what the land gives back to you- shade in the summer and beauty in the fall, oh and a whole mess of leaves to rake up. oh well we must take the good with the bad. photos are beautiful!