Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This food processor has been my best friend for the past 18+ years (I really think it has been 20, but my son corrected me and he has this really odd memory that remembers things like when I got my food processor).
ANYWAY..... We have been through a lot together because I used to cook like a maniac when kids were home. I not only cooked and baked for the immediate family, but for everyone and anyone who would visit, be sick, needed a helping hand, kids' friends over, slumber parties, birthday parties and then there is the whole canning and freezing thing.
You can kinda say I loved people with food!
So this puppy really got a workout.
Well, the other day I started doing pumpkin puree and my true friend was struggling.......
I mean, it took 3 hours to do a simple job, but we hung in there together...
Sunday, when d-i-l (daughter in love) and son came over, we were going to do another batch of pumpkins that we had cooked. So we got out the ole' friend food processor and she just couldn't do it. Tired and worn, she finally gave up. I heard her whisper... I want to, I just can't. So I turned her off and told d-i-l I will have to replace fp with a new one the next day, put the pumpkin in the frig, and moved on to another project.
Monday morning bright and early, I hit town running and checked out every store that would carry a food processor and came home with this beauty.
Isn't she a beauty!!!! 14 cup capacity, 500 watt motor, 3 speeds, 3 blades, big wide mouth, a timer and a 2 year warranty..... she has everything!!!!
So I sadly put the other one by the back door, ready to recycle and fired up that new beauty. She just purred through that pumpkin like nobody's business....
20 minutes later I had the puree project done.... 20 MINUTES!!! Can you believe it...
I think we are going to get along just fine!!!
I ditched the freezing 1/2 cups in muffin tins (see previous post) and tried d-i-l's suggestion, the way her mom did it. Use freezer bags and put 1 cup of puree in each bag. IT WAS ALOT FASTER!!

I ended up with 18 cups of puree, that's 18 pies! or 12 pies and 6 loaves of bread, or ....... you get the picture!!!


  1. They don't make em like the used to, do they? I love when a beloved kitchen tool serves me so long and faithfully!

  2. I still have the same Cuisinart my boyfriend bought me for my birthday when me and P lived in Colorado...let's see, P was 13 and now is 41...hmmmm...I still love my Quisinart...not so much the boyfriend...(although he was gorgeous!!!)

  3. Love the new equipment! You are going to have some great pumkin pies this year.

  4. It's always sad to say goodbye to faithful appliances. But it's REALLY fun to form relationships with newer, improved appliances! I'm getting to know a new dishwasher, and baby, it's a beautiful thing.

    That pumpkin is lovely...all warm and orange-y!

  5. I will think of your lovely puree when I buy my cans of pumpkin at the store!