Friday, October 16, 2009

Here is the new display we did at Friends Candle Shed for my stained glass pictures that I made.
I guess the next thing I will be working on are Winter scenes.

BECAUSE IT FEELS LIKE WINTER. What happened to Fall? Where was I that I missed it????
I usually have the month of October to dig in the yard, move plants, clean out the garage, winterize equipment, ya know, the Fall Stuff.....
We have moved into the 1st of December and it is only October 16th!
Sooo, today I am making myself go out there and get those mums planted.....
I only have 30 to go. Got 20 done yesterday...

PRAY FOR A WARM DAY,,,,,, PLEASE..............


  1. I love the display. The fall glass ones are really beautiful. I think they may be some of my favorites. Looking forward to the winter ones. Sorry about your weather. We had a few really cold days but back to the 90's today.
    Have fun planting! Stay warm.

  2. Hi Lori, love all your fall glass pieces, they are just gorgeous, AND love your cool. I feel the same way down here. It feels like late November!
    Can't wait to see your winter art glass! Hope you can get all those babies planted!

  3. Well, this is the season to be a little MUMMY...ha!

    OK, so I been workin' a little hard lately, but can't resist a little pun...can't wait to get to the shop for some more fun!!!

    the other Mom...

  4. The fall display is wonderful. I really must take a class to learn to cut glass as beautifully as you!

  5. I love the look of you display! your work, as always, delights and impresses me :-)