Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This is the most favorite hangout in Muscatine, IA. This is probably the place that has been the most inspiration to my crafty self. Piper, that's Sharon from Sweet Repose daughter, has had this shop for several years. Come on in!!!!

Candles and what not
Tart Crumbs to put in your burner

The Refill Bar, her candles are less expensive than the local discount stores. Plus so many fragrances!!! Just bring in your own jar and she will fill it for ya. Most always ready the next day!!!!! Check out the list.....

Hmmm,,,, who's stained glass stepping stones are those? Custom orders welcome!!!
Old mixed with new! Shirts and designer inspired purses that are so popular right now!
Come join us! Hangout with us! Piper would love to see ya! Stay a little, stay alot. She's got something for everyone.... and the Candles smell sooooo good. Take a few of those home with ya too!!!!


  1. Hey...I know that place...good shots...the shop looks awesome as always...

    ...everybody go buy candles...yummm!

    Thanks Lorie!


  2. That looks like my kind of store.

  3. I love piper, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I will say, the candles are the best i've tried.

  4. I've been there several times - mostly with Lori, but also sometimes on my own. I like that she uses soy wax to refill my candle jars. The prices are good, friendly people, and they smell great too (the people and the candles).

  5. Oh my, wish I lived closer, this is exactly my kind of store. Thanks for sharing it is beautiful.

  6. If only I could get there...
    (I LOVE the purses...I have a giraffe print, with red accents, but the zebra is to die for!)

    I can almost smell the shop! Thanks for showing it off!

  7. OOOOOOH, I so want to go there! Lucky you!
    Also, just fyi, I love the name Piper

  8. Looks like you have a very cool place to sell your lovely stepping stones. Happy 4th!