Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I was making my list of things to do for the next week and as my mind wandered I thought of making a list of "things I want and can pretty much count on never getting". Ok, by now, you know how I roll...

1. I would love a person to follow me around and pick up after me, much like my cat follows me from room to room. So maybe I want a cat with arms to justify it's existence!

2. I want one of those big honkin' diamond rings, in yellow gold, maybe 3 carets now that I have grown out my nails because I was a nail biter for 53 years! Yes, I am sure I bit them when I was born (note to my mom... i did it, i finally quit biting my nails! and they really are much prettier grown out.)

3. I want a beach house, kinda like the one we stayed at in Galveston. It was nothing crazy fancy, just on the water and I guess I liked it because of the people that shared it with me. So a family home, right on the beach, where we can go and the kids will join us...

4. More hours in a day! or maybe more energy to use the hours more wisely..

5. My kids to live closer to me so we could have more visits.

6. To be thin again, actually working on this one.

7. A pool in my backyard, not going to happen in Illinois!

8. An empty attic, ya know, cleaned up and all the junk cleaned out!

9. a personal chef, need I say more. Oh yea,,, one that will fix eclairs for me....

10. A party with all my bloggy friends getting together for a "greet and meet". I would love to meet you all in person.....

Have a great day and just keep on dreamin'!!!


  1. Good list! I was recently talking about my "bucket list" with Amy. And I'm gonna work on completing it! Take care my friend. And I think a bloggy friend get together is a great idea. Maybe we could pick a centrally located place to gather for a weekend. (Hey my word verification was 'honoun'... is that any person, place or thing that refers to a 'ho'??)

  2. Hey, some of those thing may come true...and when that chef makes his eclairs for you CALL ME..I fly out and we'll have one heck of a blog-party!!

    A cat with arms..hahahhahahahaha! You know even if they did have arms, you'd still be catering to THEM :-)

  3. Great list! Congrats on the nail biting, I just stopped too... now if I could just stop the huge amount of calories I put in my mouth... LOL

  4. To think, I was in Illinois earlier this month...Yeah, I knew you were there but time was short and you were a long ways away. Still...

  5. I, too, would love to meet all my bloggy friends...sort of like a class reunion, only without the insecurity and history. Wouldn't you like to hear their voices and give em a hug?

    I don't know as I'd want the ring, but I WOULD love to have a manicure, once a week, to make my hands look girly. They are rough and stained from all the outside things I forget my gloves for....

    This was a fun post!

  6. hehehe! Great post! I will take numbers 1, 4, 6, 9, and 10....but most especially #4. I think I am chronically tired, and by the time I finally work up enough energy to do something it's time to go to bed...so those extra hours would really help. lol

  7. Hi Lori! What a great list -- we want so many of the same things! Beach house -- actually lake for me, big ring -- one friend has this beautiful yellow diamond I just love, eternal skinniness, a wife (to pick up after you!), more time, a blogging friend party. I do live in the same town as my folks, but I'd take the rest of your list, too!! Sigh. (: xo

  8. Ok Lori here's the plan to combine a lot of those wants. We get a big tour bus . Hire a driver and a cook. Do a garden, home studio tour of each other's places as we pick them up. Visit family along the way. Shop, shop, shop (Tiffany's & garage sales included.) Travel around till we get to a great beach house. Relax & forget about the cluttered attic and being skinny. Get inspired and enjoy! : )


  10. I'd like a bloggy party, too!
    That would be fun.

  11. Thanks for coming by to Bella's party. Your list is very inspiring. I think there are alot of us that feel just like you. Maybe we should all get SKYPE or whatever that online video thing is that Oprah uses, then we could all just have a ball!

  12. I'll be meeting one of my bloggy friends Thursday up at Sisters'from Gilbert Iowa...what's so weird to me is how much I would love to travel to Australia to meet my Gemma...but then there are so many wonderful friends to meet here in the states, like Utah Grammy and Robin and Tilda in Michigan or Marnie in N. Illinois...we have it all right under our noses, yet we never do...wanna drive to Utah with me...would that be a hoot!!!

  13. I'll take all of that too. Order up two of everything, okay? And you'll need to order me a cat...don't have one of those.

  14. What a great list. I will make you the eclairs, count on it!