Sunday, July 26, 2009


Tonight I went back to my July 13th post because I had put up a pic of these glass pieces and asked for some feedback re: what to do with them. In my post this morning, I showed pics of the end product to my glass project. I do want to point out that in the comments on that 7/13 post Laura at Laura's gourds, jewelry, mosaics and wings of life suggested just what I ended up doing. I had a sketchy idea of candlesticks, but she confirmed that it was a good idea and that clinched it! Please go to Laura's site and see the beautiful art she creates in many forms. She truly is one of my inspiring people that I love to follow... Thanks Laura...


  1. Yes, kudos to her and kudos to you for putting them together (following through - something i have a hard time with and admire in others ) :-)

  2. Thanks Lori for the plug. I'm sure I will have lots of of visitors because of you. Your blog is fabulous! I don't know how you keep up on it.

    I love to make stuff out of "junk." When I was a little girl my Barbie had it all, and it was all handmade from name it!