Friday, July 10, 2009


Okay, so the rain is coming, looking dark to the west. So my camera and I ran out this early morning and took these pics of the lilies that bloomed overnight, I swear, overnight. Because we have had so much rain and wind and other flowers have been ruined by it, I wanted to make sure I at least got pics of these flowers I just planted this early spring. They are just gorgeous. I love the colors...

This lily bush? I planted last fall. I got it at a local garden center with no tag on it, just that it was a lily. Oh my, it is a favorite now! Look at all the blooms and it stands about 36" high with 3" flowers. I have not looked up the name yet... I am very pleased, no, alot pleased with my grab bag special!!!

Asiatic lilies in various colors..

Please share your bloomin' lilies with us..........


  1. You lilies are so beautiful, the colors so vibrant. Thank you.

  2. My lilies are blooming now too. They're great. And... I had a hummingbird visitor yesterday!

  3. Just beautiful. Did the rain start yet? It is supposed to be here in Chicago by this afternoon.

  4. It has poured, power out for 1/2 hr. John Deere Classic (golf tournament) suspended. We received 1" rain so far. They are calling for rain all day! AARRRRGGGGHHH.....

  5. Lori, your gardens are gorgeous, so many beautiful lilies. Sounds like you are getting an awful storm, glad your power is back.

    I left a note on my blog for you, regarding my hometown post and the calendar post.

    Hope things dry-up soon..

  6. Girl, your lilies are wonderful! When my Turk's cap lilies start to bloom it will be unbelievable!!! The plants were here when I bought the house and with all the rains we've had, the one bed is huge 6 ft. tall and at least 10 ft. wide, it totally took over an iris bed that was happily growing near the corner of the house...I hope the tubers are still there this fall so I can transplant.

    But I should have blooms in a day or so. I even transplanted some of the lilies around the other side of the house and they are huge this year too...

    WOWZA...when they bloom, it's gonna be an orange explosion all over the pink house...just try and walk by them without getting the dark pollen rust all over ya...I'll take my chances!!!

    Happy Sunday friend!