Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have seen videos of people getting hummingbirds to land on their fingers or something they were holding and I made it a project of mine! I would train the hummers to come close to me. With animal/bird tricks, it all comes down to food! My husband manned the camera and I just filled the feeder and thought the longer I hold it, surely they will come. AND THEY DID!!! Now mind you, these are very well fed birds. I have one feeder full at all times. I counted 14 the other day! I only had to hold it for a few minutes and I was being swarmed. They are not afraid at all. Anyone else have any luck with getting a hummingbird to land on you or an object close to you?
I know this is an oriole feeder, but they seem to like this one best.


  1. That is really awesome. I just love watching them. What I really enjoy is when they sit and rest. They are so active most of the time.

  2. Soooooo cool!!! I'll have to tell hubby, he is the hummer fanatic at our house.

    Oh, I love them too - - - but he RELIGIOUSLY fixes new juice for them every other day.

  3. I want them so bad, but just can't attract them, unless the lilies and the trumpet vines are blooming...did I say ARGH...

  4. Sweet little creatures, I love them too...
    I know what you mean about 'inside' modern...
    But sometimes, life just gets way too modern...
    Barb C.