Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Don't be fooled by the cute exterior! This precious little thing along with several of his closest friends and family have chewed my garden down to nothing. Oh, and the two deer twins, got the sugar snap peas, yes, ALL OF THEM, the other day (unless bunnies can climb a 4 foot fence). I have found out what they like and don't like. This may be helpful in what I plant next year. I have a fence around the garden, but will need to make sure it is buried in the ground next year. I had one apple on a new tree planted this spring and it is missing along with all the leaves on the tree. not the rabbits fault I'm sure of that one! I still have my pumpkins, gourds, and tomato plants. I think I will be putting a hot wire around the tomatoes today! I'm really not that bothered by it, I guess because we have a wonderful farmer's market and vegetable stands close by. I just will be more prepared next year.


  1. Thilly wabbit...well my bunny crop is down by two...Scratchy the fearless hunter brought me two baby bunnies the other day...a good thing, but a bad thing...

    Love the new water gauge, how cool is that...I need one here at the Chateau, I'm always wonderin'...the 'X' has mine...argh...

    Saw ya out mowin' the grass yesterday, woulda stopped, but I had to meet a gal in town, and I know how it is when we get ta talkin'...late again!

    Later gater...

  2. I am sure that if they could they would love to say "Thank You" for the great meals!

  3. Bunnies and preschoolers...
    Angus un-planted everything right behind me this spring, and Maggie is eating everything as soon as it looks somewhat like a vegetable. She's so disappointed with the carrots, so far...

    (They're all cute, though, aren't they? Drats.)

  4. Hungry little buggers aren't they? We are growing our tomato in a pot on top of a table to combat them. When you get to Chicago I could give you places to go. Just email me when you are coming. I share.

  5. LOL...but they are so cute!!!!!!! I watch these cuties in my backyard every day, but no garden for them to eat here..