Sunday, March 21, 2010


Okay, so I am trying to watch what I eat, not over do it... After all, there is a wedding in June and anyone that knows me, knows I have struggled with this issue most all my life, or should I say, since I have had kids. Yeaaaa.... the kids are 24 and 26. I was a little skinny minny when I got married, then POOF!!!!

I have no desire to be this small again, but just healthy...

Soooo, I have decided to exercise more, watch my carbs, write down what I eat.....


Stay out of sugar (this is a biggy)


Our church is going to start a 40 day program.... 40 DAYS AND 40 NIGHTS....

I am excited to participate....

Wish me luck!!!

With the physical activity of the new job, getting the garden ready, and watching what I eat, I should be able to be successful!!!

I'm excited!


  1. You can do it. I will do it with you. I too have always been skinny and I took my body for granted all my life. Now the middle is getting pudgy. I have been moving around more and I intend to step it up! I am ready for Spring! I want to walk more . . . but in the meantime I plan to go up and down the stairs and drink more water. Positive thoughts!

  2. Good luck to you!
    I worked in the gardens a few days ago... always a shock to the muscles! :)
    Happy Spring.

  3. I too had skinnier days - - - MUCH skinnier days. But you know what? I've decided I can be happy or diet.

    I choose happy, every time.

  4. That program at church will be awesome. I hear you about being little before the kids. I was a 0 in HS. I don't want to be thin but I do want to lose about 50 lbs. and be healthy. The low carbs will do it. I lost 45 4 years ago and then I started eating carbs again. The less you eat them the less you will crave them, really. We did SouthBeach and hope to start up again soon. Wishing great success.

  5. Hi Lori! I second the South Beach assessment. It's a winner, easy to follow and healthful/healthy -- not sure which word is right! -- but it works. Good luck. xo

  6. luck! Sounds like an adventure!

  7. Your wedding picture is beautiful!

  8. Sending you much good luck. I am not good at this, but I love your picture, fabulous.