Friday, March 19, 2010


About 4pm, I went on my blog and thought, how on earth did it get to be Friday and I haven't posted since Monday... Where did this week go....

So I thought I would recap the week....

Monday, work
Tuesday, work, laundry
Wednesday, work, do dishes, yuck! Bake carrot cake, yum! Do more dishes, yuck!
Thursday, work, clean, dust, yuck!
Friday, work, nap, pizza, yum!

Last week, work was kicking my patootie.... this week, it was better. I am getting used to physical labor again. It really is a good thing!

It has been sunny and 50's for the last few days and I am listening to the weather guy and he just said, tomorrow, 30's and 1-3" snow..... WHAT???? Come on.....
leave us alone Mr. Snowman......


  1. I hear ya!
    (Its snowing in Oskaloosa right now) Boo!

  2. That WORK thing always has to get in our way!!! Sound like you are getting used to it. It is hard to keep up with everything when we are working.
    Take care,

  3. Busy, busy. Glad you liking your job. Too bad the weekend won't be so nice. Nice to hear from you.

  4. It's the whole "working" thing - - - highly over-rated 'cause it takes us away from what's more important - - - BLOGGING!


  5. It's always hard to balance work and home life. Our weather is constantly changing too. One day will be nice, blue skies and mild temps; the next day oh so hot and near 90; or dusty like it's been the past couple of days. Today is a little better but still dusty which adds to all my dust bunnies inside. Dust, dust go away! Wishing you a wonderful weekend :) Tammy

  6. All I can say is the snow!!!