Sunday, March 14, 2010


I have found as I have been posting blogs since April 2009, that I have met some of the most talented wonderful friends. The people that leave me comments are people that I never would have had a pleasure in knowing, but through this blog, they have become some of my most dearest friends.
Others stop every once in a while and honestly this is how I view blogs too. I have some I try to comment on daily and others, I skim through every once in a while.
I try to get everyone on my follow list, but I have to admit, I have not been so diligent in the last few months to honor my bloggy friends by posting their blog names on my sidebar. This is just an oversight (okay, kind of a little part of laziness). I truly do not mean it to be offensive to some.
So I have a question, how did my followers go from 60 to 58? Now this didn't bother me at first. But the more I thought about it, I started taking it personal.
Did someone remove their name? did the computer do it for them? did I offend someone? Was someone offended because I professed to be a Christian? Two days ago, 60... today, 58....
I don't get it and I don't know how they did it???


I treasure all of you...... hugs from me.....


  1. I know it wasn't me. I'm so sorry. If someone did remove themselves they won't see this post to give you an answer. I started last April 9th. Hasn't the year flown by? How could ever offend anyone, your too sweet.

  2. Hi Lori!

    That food that you wondered what it was is called "Fajita Quesadilla Relena" and I get it at a little place called "La Charreada" which is an authentic Mexican Restaurant, owned and operated by Mexicans here in Marion. I don't think it's actually a franchise - - - but it DOES have "sister" restaurants around. Perhaps if you find the type of restaurant I'm describing, you will find this meal!!

    Oh, and mine is chicken (pollo) and sometimes I have them put shrimp (camerones) in there too!

  3. Oh, man! I'm going to comment here, even though it will cause my computer to freak out and open 200,000,000,000 windows in 2.3 seconds and I'll have to shut it off. (Drives me CRAZY! Only the blogs I really care about do this.)

    I have had this happen, too. I didn't realize I looked at that number and placed so much value on having 42 followers/friends! And like you, I really am quite attached to my followers, so it felt REALLY personal when a couple of them dropped me.

    And the more I thought about it, the less I blogged. (You may have noticed.) And the less I blogged, the less I visited other blogs. And then I felt like an intruder...even on my own blog!

    So, besides the points that 1.) I am extremely insecure and 2.) I need to get out more, there was a worry that I was becoming offensive with my writing.

    You, Miss Lori, have the kindest, most creative and generous blog I've read. I'm still following, even though I can't comment often! You're not offensive, rude, preachy, neglectful or anything like that in the least.

    I don't think you need to change a thing. Be yourself, enjoy yourself and remember the days when you had only 4 followers! (That's what I had to do, and it works.) The other thing that you might want to do (yeah, I know, no suggestions from me... :) I put a map at the bottom of my blog that shows me how many people look at the blog everyday. You'd be surprised how many are reading, but not "following".

    ((hugs)) right back at you!

  4. I agree completely with "The Farmer's Wife". I've been blogging for a long time & I only have 36 followers (& up until 2 wks. ago, I only had 16), so I had a give-away & my friend blogged about it & all of a sudden it shot up & thenthe give-away was over & everyone was gone. It really made me realize that it didn't matter because my blog is supposed to be for me. My friends still read it & sometimes comment & sometimes don't but I know they're out there. Just do it your way & be yourself. That's what we like. Jan

  5. Debby, Keetha, Mary, and Jan:
    Thank you so much for the words of friendship, kindness and wisdom. I too, just like Jan said, write this blog for my own enjoyment. I just would never want to give the impression that I did not take the readers' feelings into consideration. I'm not that kind of person, nor do I want to be that bold to think that I am anything but myself on these posts. I was taught from the time I was wee, treat others the way you would like to be treated.
    Thank you all for your encouragement, I am dropping this issue and moving on to better, brighter moments as I am not going to dwell on this!

  6. If someone removed themselves, it wasn't because of you. I think you have been so kind and seem to be a good and caring person. not jugemental. Thank goodness. Because i know some of my posts could send some readers hightailing it out. But, don't let it get you down. Be yourself.

  7. It has to be a glitch or are not rude or offensive and I don't beleive in ever apologizing for what we beleive don't worry..and if it wasn't a glitch, maybe it was something in their life that
    s happening and they don't have time or something. Numbers are numbers and friend are sleep well and know we are just one big family :-)

  8. Hi Lori -- don't worry about the numbers or followers. Just blog for yourself and those who do come to visit. I try to find new blogs who don't have many visitors and encourage them. I find that if you don't put yourself out there and pay visits, then folks can't always find you. I change up my sidebar periodically. There are blogs that I enjoy going to for inspiration but I stopped commenting because when they have 60 comments in a day, I don't think mine really matters. There are some who don't get many comments, and yet even though I leave mine, they never visit me so I take them off my list. I would much rather visit bloggers who come to see me often and leave comments, doesn't have to be every day, but at least validation that they are there and recognize my visit. It truly is mind boggling to me sometimes that we do form friendships in this community and although virtual, they are still very real. The ones who stick around are the ones worth your time. Don't worry about the rest. We are here to uplight, encourage and inspire! I enjoy coming to visit you and hope you feel the same when you venture over to my little corner of the world. Many blessings for a bright and beautiful week! :) Tammy

  9. Hi Lori,I do not believe you could offend anyone with your beautiful blog. Just keep doing what you are doing and don't worry about who is following and who isn't. As spring is here and the weather much nicer I think everyone has many more things to do than blog all day. I always enjoy your blog and I think you are the best.