Saturday, January 2, 2010


We had the wonderful pleasure of sharing our home with my niece and nephew-in-love along with one of their furry children for 3 days. They are from St. Louis, MO, 5 hours away.

I'm not sure who enjoyed their time more, Jake and Jenn, just for getting away; their dog, Song, who got to run around, eat snow, and explore all the unknown on a farm; or me, just enjoying my time together with all 3 of them.

A week before they came, my niece asked if there was anything she could bring me from St. Louis. I said no, can't think of anything.... eeeerrrr.... I know, can you bring me The Arch???

(I should have known she would figure some way to induldge me my request!)
Here is a picture of Song, pit bull mix, and I. I fell in love with this furry friend. She is maybe 6 or 7 and she is the best behaved animal I have ever seen and what a little lover. Her mom and dad have trained her and she obeys commands like none other. We were instant pals.

They had a chance to relax, go exploring in Muscatine and the Quad Cities, go hiking in the woods to The Grotto. My son and his wife had us over for visit and supper.

And we had 2 new games to play!!
(These 2 have become favorites and are highly recommended)

Then they had to go home....
I didn't want them to go.....
I think they had fun and hope they will visit again.......


  1. Lori,
    Looks like you had a great holiday. I a so glad for you. BTW--I love the new header pic. Talk about some alterted glass!
    I hope your 2010 is a year filled with laughter and joy!

  2. Glad to hear everyone had a nice time. Relaxing is the best thing to do. We've had two weeks off and go back to school Monday morning. Not looking forward to the rat race and early morning hours again. Here's hoping you are having a most wonderful weekend. Blessings, Tammy

  3. I like your house: the floor tiles, the armchairs and coach, the kitchen and table chairs.. It looks an optimal place for good life and relaxation.

    Jack and Jen, their dog, and the miniature arch are lovely.

    Enjoy the gift and have a Happy New Year!

  4. What a wonderful visit you had. The pup is so cute. Love that Arch! Isn't Bananagrams fun?
    Happy New Year dear friend.

  5. Oh I am gonna need to try that scrabble game! Looks like you guys had a ggod time--so clever of her to bring that little arch (and of you to request it:) It is all we think about with St. Louis isn't it :) I have even been there & that is the ONLY thing I remember :)

    I know what you mean about being thankful for what we have & appreciating not having to heat our water on the stove! My frined was telling me about washing the clothes on the washboard & I just can't imagine! And for a family of 8!

  6. i would say the gift they brought was better than those arches any old day. the gift of enjoyment! those arches would have just cluttered up your home anyway! what a cute dog song is!

  7. Love the shot of you on the floor...that's our Lori...ha...what a cute pooch, Scratchy will be jealous you know!

    The Shed is closed today, we got at least 6-7 inches at my place...EEWWWWWW!!!!!!