Thursday, January 7, 2010


Since I have been crazy busy lately and have neglected my posting duties, I decided to go on a blogging marathon! So go grab a cup o' joe, sit back and relax. This might take a bit.


Well, we have been snowed upon once more. Our deck is under there somewhere! Look at the railing. That is how much has fallen in the past few days. Now, I know some of you in the Northern Lands are thinking, haaaa,,,,, that's nothing compared to what you have been dealing with since October! But it has been quite an accumulation for us....

On the flip side of this,,,,, this morning I was feeling about 10 years old and just wanted to go play in the fluffy white stuff... so I did! I even looked up to the sky with my eyes closed and tasted the snow as it fell... what fun it is to be a kid again (in my mind)!

So as the road equipment goes by my driveway, I just ignore the noise and enjoy the scenery!

The snow must have fallen straight down as the bird restaurants even have roof snow caps.


These Ice Sculptures were in a yard close to my daughter's house in Cedar Rapids.

(Double click on picture to look at them in detail)

I can't imagine the amount of time it must have taken to do these.


So we packed a car load of Christmas presents up and headed to our daughter and fiance's house for our belated Christmas get together. Between the weather and their jobs, this was the soonest we could do this (January 6th). It was a hard holiday as we have always celebrated Christmas Eve with everyone home and Tracy and Tony could not make it because of the weather.

We had fun just watching these two "kids" open presents as if it were Christmas morning. All in all, I think they were very excited over the surprises!!!

My daughter has an uncanny way of knowing just what to get me.... She and Tony were on a quest to find me these "icebergs". I have an extensive collection of Snowbabies and the icebergs helped in displaying them.

Can you see them under there??? They worked perfect!!

And my most prized possession.... My daughter has taken up this passion for painting. She is self taught and can't get enough of it. She received some paints and supplies for Christmas from her love (he is very good at present picking out) and she painted this for us (me). Being the kind of artsy person that I seem to be, I JUST FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS!!!! It is a 16x20 canvas. I want to get it properly framed. I have it hanging in our dining room for now. This truly makes me smile every time I walk past it.

I love the detail in the colors... good job Tracy...


So as we know the apple does not fall far from the tree.... and my daughter has been testing her creativibility!!! We bought all the stuff to make this wreath and I turned her loose after a few instructions. SHE DID AWESOME! This picture does not do this justice. It is as cute as can be!!! Oh I am so proud of my little apple!!!

Again, pictures do not do this tree justice. It was bright and cheery with huge splashes of color!!!

Her home looked so festive with all the decor. I just know now that she is getting that art/craft itch, there is no telling what she will come up with next.


  1. oh wow ! think you've covered everything there ! Great post though & happy new year

  2. What a great post. I am still in Christmas spirit here! Your daughters house looks so cute, great job decorating. Love the painting. What a beautiful gift of love. I only have two Snowbabies, I love your collection and those icebergs are a great idea. Those sculptures are so different. I love the snow pictures, that is a winterwonderland!

  3. As the temperature outside drops by the minute, I wasn't so sure about all your photographs. Brrrrrr. But then your daughter's painting warmed me up. Thank her for me!

  4. Hi Lori, love your "ketchup" post! LOL. Great Christmas, great family, love the dog, tons of snow, and wow, I'm amazed by that ice sculpture! Unbelievable! Hope things are well with you and that you're off to a great new year!!!!

  5. Our temperatures are so mild here so seeing snow anywhere in the world is just crazy to me. I can't even imagine the cold. My kids say I have been living in Kuwait too long. I think 50-60-70 is cold. HA! Looks like you had a wonderful after Christmas celebration. So nice to see that your daughter has the creative gene from you. Nice artwork. Wishing you a warm and wonderful day. :) Tammy

  6. Fabulous post!!!! Happy New Year to you and your family. Snowbabies!!! Love them, I collect them also. They are the sweetest. Make the snow go away, lots here in Canada also.

  7. Your daughter and son-in-law are a lovely couple. Your daughter (the apple that didn't fall far away from the tree) displays big talent in painting and decorating, and I can imagine how proud you are of her.
    Enjoy your family and the New Year goodies!

  8. I have always been fascinated with ice sculptures.

    great post. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Great post! Love your glass work. Your weather looks a lot like here in New England.

  10. those ice sculptures are a bit to real. you should check the missing persons report and see if two boys and a dog have been reported missing! too cute!

  11. Ah Christmas sounded great, does your daughter know you've posted about her genius?! Happy new year x

  12. Wow look at all that snow! I am a Texas girl and would freeze to death.... literally, I would die! I hate the cold but it's so pretty to look at.

    Oh, congrats on your award from Just Breathe. That's how I found your wonderful blog.