Friday, August 20, 2010


A few of you know that I decided to bite off a new project. This is the year that I am going to get healthy. My doctor told me to say this as opposed to I am going to lose weight. I have been wanting to start something like this for a while and just impulsively one day went and joined a gym and signed up with a personal trainer. I started last Monday. She is wonderful and I think that we have a great start together. She explained to me that if I watch "The Biggest Loser" (and I do), she is a Bob, not a Jillian.....

Whew.... that made me feel tons better, before I even began.

So this week, I went "cold turkey" on caffeine, cut out salt and sugar, started counting calories, started circuit training (resistance machines) along with riding a bike, using a treadmill, and an elliptical machine.
I am also keeping a food journal... That's where the problem comes in!
For 25 years, I have been blind to things that just happen to find their way to my mouth.
It is a disease, I just know it...
M&Ms is one of the foods (it is a food isn't it) that I must go into a trance when I buy them, eat them, hide them or whatever I do with them!
They are the one thing that I haven't been able to ignore....

They haunt me...

I start making excuses for them.... Ohhhhh, just a few.... surely the yellow ones have less calories than the green ones.
Then I blame my mom.... she has this disease too!!! It is hereditary, don't ya know!
So this is my new challenge... getting off the Peanut M&Ms.
It is an addiction, worse than the 2 cups of coffee a day, worse than the potato chips...
I am telling myself..... I am strong, I can do this!!!!!!


  1. Just go to peanuts for a time...will be easier to drop them...I am with you this year..i want to get healthy too...keep up the good work....

  2. 5 years ago, I made a lifestyle change. For the first 6 weeks, I gave up coffee and only had green tea and water. I gave up anything that was processed or packaged. I've stuck with that. There are some things that are not considered food at all and yet we still eat them. If they can last on a shelf for years, we shouldn't be putting them in our mouths. I read labels all the time! I don't buy anything that has corn syrup or hydrogenated fat. I've let up a little on certain things for the kids but I do try to make the right choices 95% of the time. I lost 30 lbs and went from a size 12 to a 6 and am all the happier for it. Mostly I did it because heart disease runs in my family on my dad's side. Plus I was turning 40 at the time and wanted to be fit and forty, not fat and forty. :) The other thing that changed is that I no longer crave milk chocolate. I only eat dark chocolate for a snack, and only a few squares at a time. In fact, my favorite snack is green tea with a bit of mint dark chocolate. Yummo! Of course, right now it is too darn hot for warm drinks -- I'm drinking lots and lots and lots of water. Mmmm, I could go on a out this forever, Good for you making the change. There are so many folks who seriously need to wake up. Wishing you all the best as you move forward with your lifestyle changes. Blessings, Tammy

  3. With you on this !

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    Thank you and have a lovely weekend

  4. i feel your pain. i am addicted to sugar and i NEED to get off of it! i need to lose weight as well feel better. ok -i'm doing it also. good luck!

  5. 1) Love that last picture with the colors separated out. Sooooo pretty.

    2) I love the peanut butter M & M's even BETTER than any of the others.

  6. I wish you luck. That is a hard one to overcome.
    Cute post!

  7. Oh Good luck, I hope you have a better will than me.

  8. Good luck with your endeavors. My problem isn't sugar, it's those darn carbs. I'm going to sign up for yoga in Sept. & see how that works. I'll look forward to reading about how you're doing -- especially how you're feeling. If I have to give up everything, I'd better feel a heck of a lot better. Jan

  9. I am proud of you..but remember, if you feel deprived, chances are that you will go off in a big way. Maybe ration yourself a treat - and that's the key - "treat" means special- not everyday - as opposed to a snack - which is necessary to maintain blood suger- fruit, vegies, cheese, hard boiled know. You CAN DO THIS! Your health is all you have and YOU can take care of yourself with as much love as you have your family..

  10. woo hoo... go girl! I've been trying to make a few small changes. About the m&m's... at least peanut variety has a little protein. :o)

  11. Oh, I completely understand. The peanut M&Ms are a favorite o mine, as well. I have been working on getting healthy since the first of the year and have lost over 60 pounds. Just start and then just keep going. Don't beat yourself up for slips and do make a list of distractions for when you are craving things and non-food rewards for when you reach goals.

    Good luck and check in with me if you need a diet buddy!!

  12. Lori, I can SOOOOO hear you saying this, you are just too funny!!! But with encouragement from friends and fam, you'll be OK. I've cut WAY back too and it shows...I can't even look a chip in the face anymore...but those dreaded Hershey bars make me swoon, it's my cross to bare!

    Good luck sista!!!

    I'm still askin' all over the place for a mover, tell Allen I'm diligently working on it. I'd like to come over and take some pictures sometime when convenient for you, would make a great post...and why didn't I do it at the time...think I was still reeling from the furniture sales! I'm gonna ask the guy that's bringing my shed down today if he'd be interested...gotta work the 'Shed' today, till 3:00 anyway, then I gotta beat feet home for the shed stork...EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...can't wait to set foot inside the doors!!!